Roles of Intention, Intuition, and Manifestation

Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention and it is the starting point of our dreams. The creative power of intention fulfills everything in our life - be it love, relationships, spiritual awakening, or money.

Intentions are like seeds. When we release our intentions, a direct impulse of our consciousness, and leave it to the universe, it starts to grow and flourish. Ancient Indian sages said to practice meditation daily and plant your intention immediately after meditation because your awareness was centered in the quietness of all the possibilities. 

Intuition.  This is a skill every individual can learn, develop, and master. Imagine what you would do with your life, if somehow, you already had a "gut feeling" about all the important decisions you were going to make. When you master the skill of intuition, it will be easy to make better choices and eliminate possible problems before they disrupt your life. Intuition can help you experience greater success, happiness, and more fulfillment in life while staying true to your soul's purpose. 

We are unable to make the right decisions in our life because we are trying to please everyone rather than listening to our deeper self or Intuition. 

Manifestation.  Just imagine for a moment that you can create your own reality, get whatever you want, and manifest anything. How wonderful your life would be!

Manifestation is simply a very powerful thought - a powerful projection of our thoughts coming to fruition. Sometimes it is impossible to believe such a thing, especially when things are not going well for us, but we are responsible in some way for creating the reality around us.  

The key to manifestation is very simple: Thoughts Become Reality.

In the universe, there is a law known as the Law of Creation, also known as the Law of Attraction. Now the question becomes how do we saturate our minds with thoughts that help us in activating the law of creation? The answer is by simply picturing the desired outcome in your mind. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in the many details of the functionality of the universe that we actually forget how to take help from the universe. This becomes simple and easy once you understand how to tap into and use the Theta brainwave. Come and learn the art of creating the best intention, enhancing your intuition, and manifesting the best in your life in ThetaHealing® classes. For more information, visit

Rajeev Ahluwalia

Rajeev Ahluwalia is a Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor and Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, and Founder of Natural Healing Trends LLC. His healing center is located in Fairview Park.

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Volume 3, Issue 12, Posted 4:42 PM, 06.03.2016