Taster Twins Find a Pearl

Last year, we, the "Taster Twins", embarked on a culinary adventure through a variety of restaurants in our community, attempting to offer our observations of dining establishments old and new. We have ventured outside of our usual Lakewood confines into the Rockport area.

A Rocky River favorite located in the Beachcliff Market Square on Detroit Road, the Pearl of the Orient has been pleasing patrons for around a quarter of a century. Its look may have changed over the years, but one thing that has not changed is the exceptional quality of the Pearl dining experience.

Owner George Hwang, who is present more often than not, is the most gracious host you could ever hope to meet. As we were shown to our table in the elegant dining room, we eagerly anticipated the taste-tempting delights that awaited us. We cannot rave enough about the scrumptious appetizers, especially the creamy yuen baos. Pearl of the Orient offers the best - bar none - wonton soup anywhere. At Pearl, Asian fare is elevated beyond the usual takeout joint menu, while the quality is kept high and the prices, reasonable. The portions are generous and the service is efficient and attentive.

We guarantee that you will be dazzled by the creative choices from all over the Pacific Rim, including Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese offerings. The menu features a wide variety, from fresh sushi to curried dishes to Pad Thai with beef, chicken, seafood, pork, duck, and vegetarian preparations. Once you have chosen your meal, it is delivered promptly. We have never been disappointed with our orders; the flavors are consistently exquisite, with imaginative combinations of ingredients. We are famous for our mantra: Sauce on the Side, and the Pearl never hesitates to comply with special requests.

At Pearl of the Orient, the diner's experience is paramount - and that philosophy is evident in everything done at the restaurant. Whether you choose a delicious Bento Box, savory pork fried rice or an enchanting appetizer, be sure to save room for the housemade vanilla cheesecake or green tea ice cream. You will find that the aptly-named Pearl of the Orient is truly a gem.

Ingrid Dickson

Ingrid Dickson and Irene Joyce are the Taster Twins. They currently write a restaurant review column for "The Lakewood Observer".

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 3:35 PM, 03.14.2015