The Lake Erie Nature & Science Center Women's Board

The Lake Erie Nature & Science Center Women’s Board traces its roots back to the Center’s founder, Elberta “Bert” Fleming. As a young woman, she had hopes and dreams of creating a museum to encourage interest in nature and the environment. In 1945, Elberta founded the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, then called the Lake Erie Junior Museum.  Her home and backyard provided the “beginnings”; her articles for local publications provided the funding.

Six women, dedicated community volunteers, helped Mrs. Fleming. Since 1954, a WB has worked with the Center, helping achieve its mission through service, leadership, community awareness, and fund-raising. The WB has grown to encompass members of all ages and talents. 

In the past, WB opened and operated The Owl’s Nest, a gift shop within the Center. Today, the two main fundraising projects are a Christmas Carousel in November and an annual Huntington Playhouse production.

In support of the Center, the WB recently donated its $1,000 quarterly pledge and also made a $1,000 gift to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Program.  A new Center Internship Program is also being supported with a yearly $1,000 stipend.

An Invite 

We are always happy to welcome anyone with the desire to learn more about our activities and endeavors. Help us to continue volunteer and monetary support of our “backyard gem”, The Lake Erie Nature & Science Center.

Please join us at one of our monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 12 noon.  For further information, please call the Center at 440-871-2900 or stop by the Center and pick up one of our brochures.

Karen Huhndorff

Karen Huhndorff is a longtime member of the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center Women's Board.

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