Publisher's Note: November 2014

Who would’ve thought that starting this paper would attract the man of my dreams…

I grew up in the "perfect" neighborhood...where our neighbors were considered Family.  Two summers ago the Morris’ who lived two doors from us hosted a Labor Day picnic with the Byers family; who lived just a few miles away but spent a lot of time on our street.  Mrs. Morris (Sally) shared my second issue of The Rockport Observer with the Byers Family.  One of the son’s visiting from Los Angeles noted my name as Publisher.  

Five months later he saw my name in a comment on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. He sent me a message asking if I was one of the Leonard sisters from Kleber Street and neighbors of the Morris family…I responded "Yes!"...Indeed! Who would’ve thought in this time of “social media” that The Rockport Observer would be the medium for the message of Love?! …and the announcement of our wedding on November 15, 2014?

The many connections we have unveiled since our meeting have been remarkable.  When Brian asked his Mom if she remembered The Leonard’s, she said “Oh, I know LuAnn very well”.  Brian, a bit shocked, said, “Why, very well?” She recalled that I was her “go-to person” at Trumbull Industries after a fire in their home.  Discovering that there are no “degrees of separation” between countless friends, relatives, schoolmates and the like has been just one of the simple joys of our new relationship.  

Since neither one of us has ever been married, we continue to feel incredibly blessed with the joy and support from family and friends, who with us look forward to our long life together. For this and so much more, we are Thankful.

Finally, most important, thank you for picking this up, taking a look, and giving it a go.  We hope you find something you enjoy and pass it along to a friend (or someone you love).  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:06 PM, 11.12.2014