Who Sews?

Jackie hard at work sewing

Recently, I tried a new activity that I’ve really enjoyed. Believe it or not, it’s SEWING! That’s right… sewing with fabric, needle, thread, and machine—making all sorts of fun projects.

I got interested in sewing by a strange coincidence. I was visiting a friend when her mom asked us to go to the Stitch Cleveland sewing store to purchase some fabric. When we got there, I was amazed at how bright, colorful, and interesting the shop was.

There were all sorts of sewing projects displayed along with cool fabrics and accessories. There was also an information sheet about the sewing classes that were being offered. As I looked around, I thought this is something I would like to try!

When I got home, my mom helped me check into sewing lessons at Stitch. We found its website and read about the class schedules, projects, supplies, and levels. Since I was a beginner, I asked another friend who was interested in sewing to join me. We took our first class in February.

Since then, I have taken several classes and done quite a few projects. In that first class, I sewed a big pillow and embroidered an elephant on it. I have made a skort, skirt, infinity scarf and two tote bags, as well as many soft, fluffy stuffed animals. This summer I plan to attend a “sewing camp” that the shop offers in July.

Although I like to swim, read, ski, paddle board and fish, sewing is a new, fun skill that I have really enjoyed learning this year!

Jackie Bush

Jackie Bush will be in the 6th grade at the Rocky River Middle School in September.

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 6:01 PM, 07.03.2014