Where Do You Shop for Treasures?

Vintage Faire Antiques in Lakewood.

The Eponymous Antique Shop Owner

Those of us who are collectors and enjoy the hunt can remember the first antique we purchased. The Pappabello Antique Show in Cleveland is where I purchased mine. I still have that Eastlake-style washstand that I purchased more than 20 years ago. My style has changed, but that washstand still remains. It may not be in the same place as it once was, but I can’t give up my first treasure. Since then and over 20 years later, I have been in many shops in London, Paris, Palm Beach, Los Angles, Georgetown and Cleveland. I am still looking for my next great find - a piece that will round out my collection or make a corner of a room sing more harmoniously.

 There are many places to shop, including estate or garage sales, flea markets, curbsides, antique shops, junk or thrift stores, and antique shows or auctions. If you have not tried one of these venues, you should jump out of your comfort zone and experience another side of treasure hunting. Anyone of these places can hold your next great find. Keeping it local, Cleveland is filled with great places. I have favorites in each city that I've visited. In our own backyard, I have several favorite places that I would like to share with you.  

  • Vintage Faire is a shop with two floors full of wonderful finds. You will see mahogany tables, stained glass windows and more! It is a quintessential antique store (17106 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-221-2149).
  • Century Antiques is Cleveland’s best shop for lighting. The walls are clad in sconces and the ceiling is dripping with chandeliers of every type and size (7410 Lorain Ave  Cleveland, 216-281-9145).
  • John Young Antiques. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then John should be your go-to guy for wonderful estate jewelry (and fine Asian art). John’s inventory includes estate, vintage and some of his own creations (12803 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland, 216-721-3123).
  • Martines Antiques. Silver is a passion of mine and Martines Antiques is the equivalent of the London silver vaults here in Cleveland. The owner, Peggy Martines, has a plethora of sterling serving pieces, ranging from picture frames to silver miniatures (516 Washington St., Chagrin Falls, 440-247-6421).
  • The Gallery, in the Tremont neighborhood, is a new shop that came to life via the Cleveland Auction Company. With new ownership and a new location, this store has great music playing and hours that fit shopping in before or after having dinner. You never know what you will find - from taxidermy skulls to grandmother’s china (2415 Tremont Ave., Cleveland, 216-631-3232).
  • "The Sunday Driver" is a pocket guide of shops in Northeast Ohio. Check it out for other great places www.sundaydriver.com

  Antique shops are a great way to find the perfect piece of art, a set of china for the holidays or a gift for a special occasion, but it is not the only way to get your shoppping fix. Cleveland has so many other venues to explore. We can boast of internationally known auction houses: Aspire, Grays and Rachel Davis Fine Arts. These are all great resources for finding treasures. Remember that bidding on antiques can be crazy; you are spurred on by emotion and at times you may pay more than you want. However, the upside is that you may buy an item for a song.

  A flea market can be a relaxing way to shop. You set your own pace to walk around the market while picking up a few things along the way. A new upscale flea market has opened in Ohio City. The Sunday Market in Hingetown is scheduled for October 20. September’s market was fabulous with over 1,500 visitors finding treasures of all sorts, including oysters, mimosas and crepes - as well as the traditional treasures (silver, paintings and vintage couture).  The 2014 season of the Sunday Market will be held on the third Sunday of the month from May through October. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/#!/hingetownmarket.

Where Do You Shop?

Send me an e-mail and include the location of the place, why you like to shop there, and a picture of the item you bought or a picture of the place. You can send your e-mails to mitchell@mitchellsotka.com.  Remember to attach your jpeg image in high resolution. Lastly, let’s keep it local, so our readers have a chance to go to see your favorite places in person. Thanks in advance for sending in your picks. Happy hunting!

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