Hero's Journey | World War II Veteran welcomed at Sunrise Rotary meeting

Colonel Robert Brocklehurst

“We finished Flight School with 641 Commissioned Pilots and today there are only 97 left to attend our annual reunion in Dayton in September.”

Colonel Robert Brocklehurst’s presentation to the Sunrise Rotary on Wednesday, June 20 featured stories of his, and nine of his fellow Air Force officers in World War II. Colonel Brocklehurst, was born and raised in Michigan and joined the U. S. Army Air Force as a Flying Cadet in 1941. He completed training and was commissioned as a fighter pilot in September of 1941. He told of his and his fellow G41 Class unusual experiences during the War. Some were tragic and some were humorous. 

The number of living World War II veterans is declining each day and Colonel Brocklehurst wants everyone to remember the contribution that each of the men and women who served, made during war.

After the war, he continued to serve in the Air Force for 28 years until retirement in 1969.  Besides combat experience, he was in various staff and command positions at the Pentagon, in Alaska and at Andrews Air Force base in Washington. 

Since retirement, he has been a successful businessmanin Virginia and Michigan, and 36 year member of the Rotary most recently the Myerstown–Elco Michigan Club.

The Colonel’s daughter is an active member the Rotary Club of Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise that meets at 7:15am in Umerley Hall of the Rocky River Civic Center, behind City Hall at West 210/Wagar Rd. and Hilliard Blvd. in Rocky River.

Larry Faulhaber

Larry Faulhaber is the PR Committee Chair for the Rotary Club of Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise.

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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 12:28 PM, 07.25.2012