A Day in Rockport | October 25, 2011

These photos are essentially place holders for photos from you.

These photos were the first taken specifically for the Rockport Observer, a gallery comprising snapshots from sunrise at the Mastick Woods and Bain Park cabin through an afternoon by the shore at Rocky River Beach and Bradstreet's Landing. Yet, as you'll see, there are virtually no people pictured here. That's where you come in. Send us your photos of people in the community - events, happenings, games, convenings, parades, get-togethers - and help us capture and project the tapestry of the Rockport community.

Thanks to technology, we all have moments of great artistry through photography. Shar it with us. Become a member of the Rockport Observer and keep us current with what's happening, when and where, and what it was like.

But most of all - SEND US YOUR JPEGS. Become an Observer at www.TheRockportObserver.com/members.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Sun rising through Mastick Woods
  • Brookway Drive toward Valley Parkway
  • Morning rising over Mastick Road
  • Fairview Park Board of Education
  • Dawn at Bain Park

  • Bain Park Cabin

  • The sun rising over the Bain Park Cabin

  • Ahem - The historic Bain Park Cabin

  • Coffee break at THBPC

  • Fairview Park, Ohio

  • Frazier Drive

  • Frazier Driver

  • Lake Erie

  • Once more to the lake

  • Rocky River park

  • Last catch of summer

  • The mouth of the Rocky River

  • Old Detroit Road

  • Historic Bradstreet's Landing

  • Looking west toward shore at Bradstreet's Landing

  • Rocky River High School

  • Magnificat High School

  • Lutheran West High School

  • Fairview High School

  • Rocky River Middle School

  • Rocky River Public Library

  • Fairview Public Library

  • Fairview Park City Hall

  • Rocky River City Hall

  • The Gazebo at Rocky River City Hall

  • Morning glory

  • Promenade

  • Autumn

  • Backyard
  • Stars and Stripes forever
  • Fall Avenue

  • Park Place

  • The Crossroads
  • The intersection of Here and There

  • Soccer
  • St. Angela Merci

  • St. Christopher

  • Bohlken Field

  • The Suites at Bohlken Field

  • Bohlken Park

  • Scoreboard

  • The Big Pink Building

  • Matinee Moments

  • Lorain Row

  • Where the Sidewalk Ends

  • Warrior Way
  • Rocky River Methodist Church

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