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The Rockport Observer is growing into a Web media experience designed, not only as a community portal and forum for neighborhood news, views, and conversation, but also as a way to promote civic initiatives and charitable projects as well as the local businesses that often make it all possible.

The Rockport Observer Web site offers free listings to all businesses in the Fairview Park and Rocky River community as well as a free home page calendar of events that can highlight what's happening in both the commercial and non-profit sectors. This primarily includes such organizations as city councils and school boards, athletic groups and artistic endeavors, beautification committees and historical societies.

At the same time, we also welcome all area businesses and enterprises to help populate our calendar and assist in it's becoming a virtual bulletin board for area shops and services, bars and bistros, restaurants and taverns. If you are: A small business service provider, what are some seasonal deals you'd like to alert your neighbors to? An area store or shop, what are the weekend deals? A restaurant or tavern, what are today's specials? A music venue, who's playing this week? Become a Rockport Observer member and upload a listing and/or a calendar event.

Furthermore, we value the expertise that makes business happen. As a proprietor, at whatever enterprise you’ve chosen and grown over the years, you’ve no doubt learned much about people, about your trade, your craft, and about the landscape you navigate plying it. We’d like to hear more about that. The best practices. The lessons learned. The major miracles and minor epiphanies.

Along these lines, we’d like you to please consider writing for The Rockport Observer Web site. Share some over-the-back-fence advice that can improve a neighbor’s day-to-day. Tell us some business stories: The cottage industry that has endured and thrives; the underdog adventures; the local heroes; the against-the-tide, against-the-odds stories of triumph.

The Observer group has set a fairly exceptional standard of creating and synthesizing new approaches and strategies for local marketing, often generating success for everyone involved. At its core is an organic confluence of ventures and enterprises that share similar philosophies of local, civic-minded citizenship based on awareness, involvement, and collaboration.

These businesses are comprised of friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens whose experiences, histories, and hopes for the future are an intregral part of the community fabric. Thus, we extend an invitation to become a member of The Rockport Observer and further becoming a part of the conversation.