Recycle Plastic Plant Containers at Lowe’s

Spring has begun to stir in Northeast Ohio! That means gardening season is just around the corner. Whether you are sprucing up your garden beds or redoing your landscaping, you will likely amass your fair share of plastic plant pots and trays.

How do you dispose of these items? If you are like me, you pile the pots and trays in your garage awaiting an opportunity to recycle them. Unfortunately, the curbside recycling program offered in Fairview Park does not accept this type of plastic container.

Well, we are in luck! Many people don't know that in 2011, Lowe’s expanded its recycling program at all 1,700-plus American stores to accept plastic plant containers. It does not even matter if you purchased the plants elsewhere. Lowe’s will still recycle your containers if you deliver them to the Lowe's Garden Center in you neighborhood.

According to Lowe’s website, “Once the [plastic] pots and trays are returned to the store, they are picked up by local vendors and sorted. The reusable material is sterilized and reintroduced to the production cycle. Serviceable trays are recovered and reused in the growing, shipping and sale of live plants. Material not deemed reusable is crushed, banded and sent for recycling.”

“Lowe’s plant pot and tray recycling program offers a winning solution to our customers, stores and suppliers,” said Michael Chenard, director of environmental affairs for Lowe’s in 2011. “Customers now have a place to take used pots, our suppliers are able to reuse the plastic trays, and recyclable material is diverted from the landfill. Everyone wins with this…program.”

Matthew Hrubey

Matthew Hrubey is a member of the Fairview Park Green Team, a volunteer group of residents striving for a more sustainable community.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 4:09 PM, 04.06.2016