The Dancing Soul

In the past three months, I met some amazing people while I was traveling to different countries. When I recall those memories, I noticed the one thing that was common in all of us was that our souls are always dancing to do more things in life.

When I sat down to pinpoint a few important lessons that I learned during my trip, I found the following was true about all of us:

  1. Our profession is our passion and part of our journey to discover life. 
  2. We all saw the real potential in each other beautifully rather than projecting things that society or our peers wanted for us. 
  3. We all carry amazing and powerful energies within and around us. 
  4. We communicate our thoughts and ideas in a gentle yet powerful way. 
  5. We are always empowering people and finding solutions to our problems effortlessly. 
  6. We all have a powerful belief that we are here to enjoy our journey in life. 
  7. Our hearts are filled with unconditional love toward others that is evident in our conversation. 
  8. We all knew the power of giving rather than always receiving. 
  9. We are all very successful in our lives: fearless, living in the present, full of joy and happiness, and always connected to the universe. 
  10. We all love nature and are always in communication with it. 
  11. We know that every individual is unique and understand the power of acceptance in our lives. 
  12. Manifesting things in our lives is not a chore but a way of life and it is always fulfilled. 
  13. We are always playful in our lives. 

The final point  reminds me of a quote from Krishna, a Hindu deity, who said "When you become who you truly are, then life opens unlimited potential for you, which only you can harness. That's the Power of Having Balance in your life and you will see me always with you, within you, and around you." 

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Rajeev Ahluwalia

Rajeev Ahluwalia is a Certified ThetaHealing® instructor and practitioner, medical intuitive, and the founder of Natural Healing Trends LLC, a healing center located in Fairview Park.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 4:23 PM, 04.05.2016