West Shore Council of Governments Meeting of February 10

This report is not an official statement of the League of Women Voters.  Mayor Bobst's office prepares official minutes.

Present:   Mayors Bobst (Rocky River), Clough (Westlake), Summers (Lakewood), and Sutherland (Bay Village).  Fiscal Officer Renee Mahoney, County Council Representative David Greenspan, and a fire department representative also attended.

Topics discussed were proposed RTA service cuts and fare increases although ridership is up.  A meeting is planned for February 23 to discuss consolidating fire services in WCOG.  It was noted that ambulances now in use provide many more services and capabilities than in the past.

Mayor Sommers provided updates on the situation with Lakewood Hospital.  Patient services are limited to Outpatient.  Inpatient services ended February 5.  Jobs in other Cleveland Clinic facilities were offered to 845 employees.

Energy efficiencies are being explored with homeowner associations, including wastewater management.

November and December financials were presented, moved, and accepted.

It was mentioned that Whole Foods is making food available to communities to provide to needy residents.

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Volume 3, Issue 9, Posted 11:31 AM, 03.04.2016