A Unique Offering: Drive-Thru Ashes

One Rocky River church brought itself to the curb to serve Ash Wednesday commuters with the mark of the cross, signifying the beginning of Lent, the Christian season of repentance.

Ignoring the bone-chilling cold and icy footing, Rocky River United Methodist Church's Rev. Dan Bogre and Pastor Paul Bennett went car to car during the morning and evening rush hours on Ash Wednesday (February 10) to serve individuals heading to work, parents taking kids to school, and anyone else who happened to drive by. Volunteers stood along the street with signs announcing the offer of ashes, a personal prayer, and a Lenten blessing.

Some who drove in said that they had gone to their home churches and ashes weren't offered, so they came here. More than 50 cars streamed through the church's parking lots as commuters took advantage of this unique drive-thru offering.

Rev. Dan Bogre stated, “Many people who either don’t have a church home, or who couldn’t attend a convenient service on Wednesday, wanted a quick and easy way to receive ashes on the way to work, school, or home. Our mission is to help people meet Jesus Christ in the midst of their story, so we were in our parking areas to offer ashes, words of encouragement, and information about the Lenten season. We believe it’s important for people to understand how their story and Christ’s story can come together during this season leading to Easter.”

Bill Cowles

Bill Cowles is Communication Ministry Team Leader, Rocky River United Methodist Church.

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Volume 3, Issue 9, Posted 2:50 PM, 03.04.2016