Funds for Business Growth

In today’s economy, every business needs every available advantage to continue to succeed and grow. Over the past several years, government has been a vital partner for hundreds of companies in Northeast Ohio in helping them grow.  Surprisingly, many businesses have failed to take full advantage of these programs, allowing their competition to expand while their revenue streams remained stagnant.

Programs offered by the state, local and county governments designed to assist business growth in our area are available to almost all businesses, regardless of size.  These programs provide financial incentives in the forms of tax credits and/or abatements, tax reimbursements, funds for employee training, low interest loans and grants and even reimbursements for the cost of interviewing and hiring new employees. 

Government offers literally scores of programs to promote business growth. If you are adding a new product line, adding locations or creating jobs, these incentive programs can prove to be valuable.  To date, the State of Ohio through the JobsOhio and Ohio Means Jobs program has awarded millions of dollars of funding and other tax incentives to qualifying business concerns.

When you owe the government money, the government usually has no trouble in finding you.  But unfortunately, when the government can assist you by providing various beneficial programs, unless you know these programs exist, government doesn’t come knocking on your door to inform you. 

“One reason offered why many businesses fail to take advantage of these programs is that many business owners are simply unaware that these programs exist,” stated David Byrnes of Strategic Partners, a governmental relations firm.  “Many programs require that you apply before your total financial package is in place. Most companies with less than 500 employees don’t employ governmental advocates and fail to realize how to apply for these programs. We can help with that.”

At Strategic Partners, we help businesses explore the possibilities for government assistance. Located in Rocky River, we will provide a no cost consultation to any business to see if any of programs apply.  Although we can’t guarantee success even if you apply, we can offer every business one guarantee: If you don’t  apply, it is certain that you will not receive any benefits from these programs. For more information, please call Dave Byrnes or Char Sullivan at Strategic Partners at 216-772-9912.

David Byrnes

David Byrnes is one of the principals of Strategic Partners LLC, a government relations advocacy firm.

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