Quality Hearing for Quality of Life

Everyone knows someone whose hearing loss is holding them back. They may avoid noisy restaurants, or bluff their way through conversations. You may have noticed them during family get-togethers looking on, but not participating. They say “no” to the book club or bible study or sewing group that they used to enjoy. You might even catch yourself shortening conversations with them because it’s so hard to communicate.

So why don’t people do something about it instead of allowing themselves to become so isolated? Hearing loss tends to have a gradual onset. Sometimes the person with the hearing loss is the last person to realize that it’s their hearing that has changed. Instead, soft talkers or mumblers often get the blame. Some people have heard so many complaints about hearing aids that they are not willing to try one.

Hearing aids are not perfect. But they do make speech easier to hear and understand. Today’s hearing aids are better at reducing background noise, providing clear speech, and preventing feedback - that annoying whistle that sometimes comes from older hearing aids. They are also more comfortable and discreet than ever before.

For those of you who feel isolated because of your hearing, it’s as simple as picking up the phone to schedule an appointment. Get your hearing tested. Work with an experienced hearing care provider who listens to your needs and makes a recommendation appropriate for your lifestyle. Experience a trial period with hearing aids, so that you can see for yourself the difference they can make. Erase the isolation and re-connect with your family and friends for a better quality of life.

Mary Potts is an Audiologist with Connect Hearing located at 21732 Lorain Rd. in Fairview Park.

Mary Potts

Mary Potts is an Audiologist with Connect Hearing. She has 23 years of experience in hearing diagnostics and patient-centered hearing aid care.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 6:27 PM, 01.07.2016