We Do It All...Just Make the Call

Debbie Simone and Carl Dondorfer, a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services have been working together for over 18 years.

Given my motto - We do it all...Just make the call, people often ask me exactly what is "all."  My first answer is everything, but I qualify that by saying that we help people that don't know who to turn to when it comes to a home or house.  When people hear the words estate sale, many think that someone has died and someone is selling the contents of a home. This is only one type of house sale that we handle.  Whether you are buying, selling, moving, downsizing, trying to de-clutter or stuck with an estate (as executor or guardian), we offer the services that can help!

When left with a family home or estate, it can be a hard task to decide what to do. Your mind spins with a myriad of questions: Who do I ask? How can I trust someone? What's this going to cost?  I offer a free assessment and consultation to help you decide what your best options are.  I will help you accomplish your goal from start to finish with minimal effort.  Given over 30 years of experience, my objective is to get you organized with the best resources and put you back into control of your life.

I work with probate attorneys and referrals. I am a compassionate person with the highest business ethics. For more information or an appointment, please visit estates2sell@gmail.com or call or text me at 440-382-6789.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with all your home needs.

Deborah Simone

Debbie Simone does liquidation consultations and sales for estates and probate. She also offers other services related to personal property.

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 10:21 AM, 10.07.2015