Our Brain Health Is Declining!

I believe we take for granted how important our brain really is. The brain controls and regulates every function of the human body. It is what gives us life and animates our body.  It is the power source, the generator of life.  Without it, nothing in our body would work. Remember, you are considered legally dead when brain activity ceases.  

A healthy brain and nerve system are vital to having and maintaining a healthy functioning body. Yet, do routine physical evaluations include a thorough check of your nerve system and the connection between your brain and body? 

This may sound confusing, but it's really not.  The brain sends messages and energy down the spinal cord to all parts of the body, telling the body parts what to do.  It keeps your entire system working in harmony.  From digestion to a woman’s menstrual cycle, the brain is always in control. It runs the show. So maintaining a healthy brain is critical to life. 

The rates of degenerative brain diseases in our country are skyrocketing and it is not because of our genes.  It could have a lot to do with our unhealthy lifestyle choices.  If you know someone with Alzheimer’s, other types of dementia, or with memory loss and mental fog, it is the most disheartening thing to witness, especially if it is a loved one.

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease and the most common cause of dementia.  Other diseases and conditions may also cause dementia. Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life.  It is characterized by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving and other cognitive skills. This decline occurs because nerve cells (neurons) in parts of the brain involved in the cognitive function have been damaged and no longer function normally.

In Alzheimer’s disease, neuronal damage eventually affects parts of the brain that enable a person to carry out basic bodily functions such as walking and swallowing. People in the final stages of the disease are bed-bound and require around-the-clock care. Alzheimer’s is ultimately fatal.   

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the U.S.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 1 in 9 Americans over age 65 has Alzheimer’s disease, which translates to some 5.3 million Americans. The cost of caring for Alzheimer’s patients in the U.S. is estimated at $226 billion for 2015.  Unless a cure is found, more than 16 million Americans will have the disease by 2050.  

Those statistics are startling and we need to start fighting back.  Degenerative brain disease is not something you catch, like a common cold, it is something that you develop over time. We should all be aware that there are things we can do naturally to support healthy brain function. 

I invite you to join us every month for our community health education series. This month we will discuss a battle plan for declaring war on degenerative brain disease.  And if by chance you are taking cholesterol-lowering medication, you won’t want to miss this meeting. Join us October 28 at 7:15 p.m. at Panera Bread in Rocky River on Center Ridge Rd.  Call 440-331-4744 to reserve a seat.  Seating is limited to the first 25 participants. 

Bryan Ruocco

Dr. Bryan Ruocco is a local chiropractor and wellness advocate. His mission is to educate and help us grow a healthy community.  He owns and operates the Power of LIFE Wellness Center located in the heart of Rocky River. Dr. Ruocco graduated from the prestigious Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, GA. He graduated in the top of his class and received Magna Cum Laude Honors. area.

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 4:00 PM, 10.06.2015