Massage Green Spa Offers Luxury to Everyone

Another new and unique business, Massage Green Spa, is opening in the newly renovated Rockport plaza. Located at 19935 Center Ridge Rd., the day spa is set for its grand opening on August 5.

"We want to bring the beauty, peace and serenity of a resort day spa, and package it to fit the busy everyday lifestyle of Northeast Ohio," said proprietor Ladyne Bunsey.  There is a certain calmness that greets you when you walk through the door and into the stacked-stone lobby with its two waterfalls and fireplace.  The staff will make you feel at home with their welcoming smiles and a warm hellos.  

What makes this day spa so special? What differentiates it from similar businesses?  Mrs. Bunsey, also a cosmetologist, has a vision of what she wants Massage Green Spa to represent.  She believes that massage is a therapy that should be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. People take the time to exercise and to eat healthy; it only makes sense to put the same effort into the rest and recovery of the body.

That's where Massage Green Spa comes into the equation.  Therapy is on ongoing process, not just a onetime event to cure aches and pains. It doesn't cure all your ills overnight but, taken at regular intervals, therapy will provide maximum results over time.     

There are no memberships at Massage Green Spa. An introductory one-hour (50 minutes hands on) massage is only $29.95. A Wellness Program with Licensed Therapists/Esthetician starts at $49.95 per month and includes a massage or facial, with additional massages at $39.99.  

The spa's basic service menu consists of a variety of massage modalities, facials, and full-spectrum infrared saunas. You can pick and choose what services you would like, or bundle them together for a mini spa day.  The full spectrum sauna incorporates the near, mid, and far infrared light spectrum, so that it can be customized to the desired therapy. Program options include anti-aging, weight reduction, detoxification, blood pressure reduction, pain and swelling.  Infrared waves heat objects not air, so the infrared sauna is not oppressive like traditional rock saunas. The infrared light waves raise the individuals core temperature on the cellular level.  A perfect prelude to a massage for warming up those tight muscles!  

The Bunseys believe that their business model and pricing structure encourage multiple visits per month as massage is NOT just for special occasions anymore! 

Ladyne Bunsey

Ladyne Bunsey is an owner of Massage Green Spa.

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 1:45 PM, 08.03.2015