Nominate a Rocky River Bright Spot

Bright annuals and resilient hostas grace a tip of the north triangle after work by the Beautification Committee.

The Rocky River Beautification Committee’s popular Bright Spot program celebrates its fifth year! Nominations are open until June 11 to recognize homeowners who make an extra effort to enhance their property with quality maintenance and landscaping. Don’t miss your chance to send us your nominations! No yard is too big or too small.

Kicking off this summer's program is a Public Bright Spot: the traffic triangles at the intersection of Beach Cliff Blvd., Morewood Pkwy., and Northcliff Dr. This Resident Initiative was started in 2011 by neighbors who had a vision for improving a public space. Aside from the fact that the existing bushes were unattractive, they regularly caught blowing bags and it wasn’t unusual to find bottles and other trash hidden at the base.

Neighbors started by designing a plan that went past clean-up and planting. They included ongoing maintenance, especially weeding and watering. Then they engaged the city to approve the plan, handle removal of the old bushes, and add some soil. After preparing the beds, the resident group installed hostas to anchor the tips of the triangles; a variety of annuals provided pops of color. During the summer, it is not unusual to see hoses draped across the street from nearby homes to cover the necessary watering.

The Beautification Committee is extremely proud of this Resident Initiative. It shows how time spent with initial planning – and a strong dose of hard work – can reap vast rewards. More importantly, we are thrilled to highlight success where neighbors come together to undertake a project.

The main Bright Spot program focuses on single family homes. We see and appreciate the extensive efforts at other types of residences, churches, and businesses, but we have a limited volunteer base. Teams look at the homes and front yards from the street – they do not go onto private property. So, unfortunately we cannot consider the many spectacular side and back yards in our community.

To nominate a residence for 2015, please email by June 11. If you have contact information for the person you are nominating, please share it. To see pictures and lists of past recipients, go to Recipients will be announced at River Days on July 11.

The Rocky River Beautification Committee’s mission is focused on projects and recreational activities that foster community involvement to improve the appearance of the city. The Committee strives to enhance the quality of life in Rocky River. Fundraisers like Light Up River allow the Committee to work on projects like refurbishing the stone wing walls at the corner of Detroit Road and Erie Road.

Liz Harmath

Liz Harmath is the Chair of the Rocky River Beautification Committee.

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