Become a Fat-Burning Machine

I would like to wish all readers a Happy New Year. May your New Year be filled with health, happiness and abundance! As most people set their New Year’s Resolutions, I hope one resolution you make is for 2015 to be your healthiest year yet.

I hope you benefit from the information we share in this column, and I wish you a year full of good health. 

Hopefully, all of the holiday cookies and chocolates are gone and you can start fresh in the new year.  This is the time of the year when we are getting our diets back on track after they were derailed by all the holiday food and fun.  Weight loss is often a top priority as we look to get back into shape and drop the holiday pounds. 

One of the healthiest ways to do this is by “detoxing” and cleansing your body from the inside out.  No, No!! I know what you are thinking.  I am not talking about a colon cleanse that keeps you in the bathroom all day.  I am talking about a whole food body-support program and diet regimen that promotes cleansing of your liver, gallbladder (if you have it), kidneys, lymph system, colon, and other tissues in your body that accumulate toxins.

Cells and Toxins 

How important is detoxing your system?  I believe toxic overload is one of the main reasons why people lose their health.  I like to use a plant for comparison.  If I spilled toxic waste near a plant, what would happen to the plant?  Of course, the plant would die due to the toxins. 

Our bodies are made up of these tiny things we call cells.  We have 200 different types of cells in our body.  From heart cells and nerve cells to kidney cells and brain cells, all these tiny living cells are what make up our miraculous body and keep our body running as an entire system. 

When cells are exposed to an overabundance of toxins, they suffocate and die.  This can have an enormous impact on the health of the body.  Think about it for a second.  If I had a dish full of cells and put something in that dish that was toxic to the cells, what do you think would happen?  They would die!

If you had this going on inside you day after day, your body will show signs of ill health at some point.  We are exposed to toxins every single day.  Some are worse than others, depending on their work environment and such.  The air we breathe, the food we eat, the things we drink—there is no getting away from the toxic load that we encounter throughout our lives. 

I once heard from a dear friend and colleague that there are two major reasons why our bodies get sick and lose healthy functioning: Toxicity and Deficiency.   Your cells need a clean healthy environment and they need proper nourishment and food to function at a high level at all times.  That makes total sense, which is why we need to cleanse our bodies. 

Another question: When is the last time you changed the oil and filter in your car?  Now let me ask you: When is the last time you cleaned out your filters.  Now is the time.  And the greatest thing about doing a whole-food-body cleanse is that you become a fat-burning machine and lose weight fast.  I see people lose an average of 12 pounds on a 21-day regimen. 

What a great way to kick off your new year and feel your best.  You will be amazed at how great you feel.  The weight loss is just an added bonus.  When you begin to cleanse the environment for your cells, you will be surprised by the changes you will experience -  more energy,  better sleep, clearer thinking, healthier skin, improved digestion, and even pain elimination.  A build-up of toxins can be holding you back from feeling great and being your best. 

Please join Dr. Ruocco for our monthly community health talk on January 28 at 7:15 p.m. at Panera Bread in Rocky River to learn more about this 21-day detoxing program. Become a fat-burning machine and make 2015 your healthiest year ever.   Seating is limited to the first 25 that call to register 440-331-4744.

Bryan Ruocco

Dr. Bryan Ruocco is a local chiropractor and wellness advocate. He owns and operates the Power of LIFE Wellness Center located in Rocky River. Dr. Ruocco graduated from the Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, GA. He graduated in the top of his class and received Magna Cum Laude Honors. 

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Volume 2, Issue 7, Posted 11:13 AM, 01.13.2015