Westshore Council of Governments Meeting of November 12

This report is not an official LWV statement.  Mayor Patton's office prepares official minutes, which are posted on Fairview Park's website.

RTA:  County Council may discuss a tax increase for RTA.  Much discussion of the new Clifton Boulevard shelters.  Amenities encourage ridership.  Lakeshore Express buses will come every 10 minutes for two hours in the morning and evening.  During those hours, there will be dedicated bus lanes.  Mayor Patton stated that Fairview Park is home to an RTA transfer station on Center Ridge but has received no benefits from RTA.  Many residents depend on bus services and would appreciate similar shelters along Lorain Avenue.  A better working relationship between Fairview Park and RTA is needed.

NOACA:  Mayor Sutherland stated the Committee on House Affairs will meet November 14.  Geauga County may either pull out or divide its representation into urban and rural.  According to Mr. Greenspan (District 1 County Councilman), a Columbia Road development project has been added for the next funding cycle.

Land Bank:  Mayor Kennedy asked for lists of commercial, industrial, and residential properties that may qualify.  Mr. Greenspan stated that the county also has grant and low-interest loan money.

Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Association:  Mayor Sutherland stated that a conference call about HB5 was held while the legislature was in session.  The Association has withdrawn opposition to this bill.

Suburban Water Council:  Mayors Bobst’s and Patton’s terms will expire December 31.  They agreed to continue to represent WCOG members.  The mayors agreed that the City of Cleveland should not be setting the agenda.  Suburban communities should have more input.

Financial Reports:  Reports were approved.  There is a cash balance of about $500,000 and a budget of about $250,000.  A lawsuit involves over $1 million; if favorable to the communities, the recovered money will go into the law enforcement trust.

Clean Fuels:  Mayor Summers stated RTA is considering a high-speed fueling station at the Triskett Road facility.  The investment will be about $4 million.  Fuel savings are estimated at 30% if city vehicles are converted to natural gas.

EMT Protocols:  Mayor Summers voiced concern that SWAT teams' medical protocols differ among cities.  Fire chiefs will be invited to the December 10 WCOG meeting to discuss this.

Deer Culling:  Mayor Kennedy stated that, after public meetings, North Olmsted will hire a helicopter service to count deer.  Pending Division of Wildlife approval, sharp shooters will cull deer.

Comments by Mr. Greenspan:  Road resurfacing money is available.  CDSG, a supplemental grant program for community needs, will be introduced at a January County Council meeting.  An advanced Geographic Information System will be in place soon.  It will share enhanced photos from fly-over planes, which will help with property tax appraisals and public safety evaluations.

The WCOG was founded in 1971 "to foster cooperation between municipalities in all areas of municipal service."  All meetings are open to the public.  The next meeting is December 10 at 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Fairview Park Gemini Center's Birch Room.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:36 PM, 12.12.2014