Please, No Candy in Church!

Recently, I attended a church service and sat in front of some poorly behaved children. To make matters worse, the parents attempted to bribe their children with candy suckers that came in very loud wrappers. 

In my house, candy is a reward for good behavior.  I wondered why someone would give an overly active child sugar in the hopes that they would calm down.  Bribing an overly active child to calm down with sugar is like bribing an alcoholic to get sober with a beer.  It just didn’t make any sense, but it got me thinking. 

If we want our children to grow up to be thoughtful adults, able to make good decisions for themselves, we need to set an example by making good decisions in front of them.  We need to work on being real-life role models, demonstrating through our actions what is and is not acceptable behavior. 

We cannot make poor choices in front of our children without potential future consequences.  One of my favorite quotes on this issue is from a lady named Dr. Deirdre Adduci:  “You can tame the kitten now or the lion later”.  I think that pretty much sums it up. 

When you attend a church service, a meeting, a presentation or even while you're shopping, be aware of the people around you.  Put your cell phones on vibrate.  Say please and thank you to anyone who helps you.  Make eye contact and smile.  Offer to help someone randomly.  Tip the person who puts the groceries in your car.  Compliment someone who looks nice.  Dress appropriately.  Let people go ahead of you instead of rushing and pushing to get out the door. It shows kindness and patience to your children. 

These simple little actions can demonstrate an immense amount of good will and politeness. Imitation is the finest form of flattery.  Let’s give our children something good to emulate.

Colleen Harding

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:03 PM, 11.12.2014