Why Pass a Tax Increase?

We are facing an important decision in our community and will soon be making a choice about our future.

Our country and community is slowly recovering from the deepest recession in more than 50 years. This fact, along with other financial impacts such as the significant reductions in state funding, means that we now face the reality of needing additional dollars to maintain the current level of city services – services that residents deeply value and the City is proud to provide.

As a result, a proposed 0.5% increase in our municipal income tax has been placed on the November ballot. This only comes after the City has cut its budget by more than 27% since 2008.

Our Frequently Asked Questions lays out the details of the tax increase and associated credit. It is important to note that the additional funds generated by the increase, estimated at $2.3 million, can only be used for capital projects and equipment purchases.

The additional revenue is key to future investment in roads, bridges, sewers, public facilities, parks and equipment – all necessary to keep Rocky River a strong, thriving, desirable community that is responsive to the needs of its residents. 

A hardworking and dedicated campaign committee, Invest in River, is leading the effort to achieve resident approval of this critical issue. It is our hope and request that we can count on your support, because without broad-based community support we will not succeed in strengthening Rocky River’s future.

What Is Issue 80?

  • Income Tax increase of 0.5% will be used ONLY for capital investments, including streets, sewers, parks, equipment, etc.
  • This income tax is a "where you work" tax. The increase primarily affects those who work in Rocky River.
  • Increase will generate $2.3 million for critical city infrastructure projects.
  • City General Fund expenditures have been cut by nearly $7 million (27%) since 2008.
  • The last City tax increase was in 1977.
  • Your vote counts and your voice is critically important to the passage of Issue 80.

Please take time to endorse the campaign by visiting our Endorsements page at  www.investriver.com. Should you have any questions on the ballot issue or the Invest in River campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Invest in River Committee

The Invest in River Committee is co-chaired by Fred DeGrandis and  Gloria Hardington. Mayor Pam Bobst is a member of the committee.

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