When Is Good Enough...Really Good Enough?

When is good enough...really good enough?  Most people go through life thinking they are "good enough".  After all, "how could we have gotten this far in life if we weren't?"  We live in nice houses, drive nice cars, our children go to good schools and we have good jobs and hobbies.  We are good enough! But is good enough really good?  

Most of us go through life using our own standards to judge. "If I think it's okay, then it must be."  The problem is that everyone judges by his or her own standards, how he or she perceives things.  The process is unique to each individual.  

So, what do we miss out on because we judged a situation or environment incorrectly?  For example, perhaps we thought it was okay to wear casual apparel to meet a new client because it was casual Friday.  Perhaps we thought it was nothing to arrive late to an event because we have children and the babysitter didn't show up on time.  Perhaps we don't think it's important to send a thank you note to grandparents because they are going to love us regardless. Perhaps we don't think it's a big deal to let our children wander disruptively around a restaurant because kids will be kids.  There are a million situations that present themselves everyday.

Etiquette is about making other people feel comfortable in our presence.  It is about considering the standards of other people when making decisions.  Instead of thinking about what you believe is good enough, try considering what others might be thinking about your actions and decisions.   

Never settle for "good enough".  Choose to be excellent!

Colleen Harding

Hello my name is Colleen Harding.  I am the founder for the Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol.  I started my company 5 years to address a niche and a need for protocol training.  I received two certifications from the American School of Protocol in traditional etiquette and corporate training.  Today, I work with individuals, schools, companies and organizations that recognize the importance of social polish in daily life and the corporate world.

I spent 22 years in the corporate arena as an outside sales representative with 15 years in Broadcast Sales.  I recognize the competitive advantage a person has when they respect etiquette and have received protocol training. 

I am a Bay Village resident.  Graduated from Magnificat High School and The Ohio State University. 

I am an active volunteer for the Westside Catholic Center, St Raphael Women’s Guild and Village Foundation Board Member.

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Volume 2, Issue 3, Posted 7:18 PM, 09.03.2014