RNC Is a Great Opportunity

The Republican National Convention is going to be a great opportunity for the City of Cleveland. People will be visiting from all over the country. They will eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels and take in the incredible entertainment that we have to offer.  

My hope is that we join together and welcome our visitors as excellent hosts and hostesses.  There will be many opportunities to proudly share our town. It is very important that we remember protocol and are on our best behavior during this time, regardless of political affiliation. 

The financial aspect of the convention has given rise to quite a bit of conversation.  Yes, it will be a lucrative event, but there are many other things to consider.  We want to present a great and gracious image of Cleveland, so that visitors will want to return.  Our goal should be to treat people so well that they recommend a visit to Cleveland to their friends. 

There is only one chance to get this right.  It is a once in a lifetime occasion.  We want people to experience the warm and wonderful people that make up our city. Should you come across a convention guest, think about what you could do to make his or her stay extra special.  

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Volume 2, Issue 2, Posted 10:05 AM, 08.10.2014