Rep. Baker Applauds Governor's Action on House Bills

Representative Nan Baker, Governor John Kasich, Representative Al Landis

State Representative Nan Baker (R-Westlake) recently joined Governor John Kasich for the signing of House Bill 314 and House Bill 393.  House Bill 314 requires prescribers to obtain informed parental or guardian consent for minors to receive a controlled substance containing opioids.

Under the provisions of the bill, the "Start Talking" consent form for the controlled substances—which have the potential of being abused—would be separate from other documents seeking consent for treatment and be maintained in the minor’s medical record. The conversation between the parent, minor and physician will include the risks of addiction and overdose associated with the controlled substance and the number of refills being prescribed.

House Bill 393 works to assist students with their career planning decisions by linking them with the Ohio Means Jobs initiative.  The bill requires the Director of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) to develop and administer an online education and career planning tool to help students achieve their career goals.  ODJFS is required to provide this information, and specifically the Ohio Means Jobs website link, to the Department of Education by September 1, 2014.  ODE is then required to post this information to its website and distribute it to public high schools each year, which in turn will distribute it to students and parents.

“It is so rewarding to have both House bills pass with overwhelming support.  House Bill 314, The 'Start Talking' Parent Consent Form, will give our parents and their children the information they need to understand the serious problem that may occur if a potentially addictive drug is prescribed.  House Bill 393, promoting the 'Ohio Means Jobs' website, is an exciting bill that will give our parents and students the tools to understand the many career choices after the high school years. It was a great day for Ohio when the governor signed these bills into law on June 17.”

For more information, please contact Taylor Ieropoli in Rep. Baker’s office at 614-466-0961 or

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 4:03 PM, 07.04.2014