Eleven River Townhomes Featured in "Draft Day"

Andrew Brickman, Developer, stands with Ivan Reitman, Producer and Director of "Draft Day" and Justin Campbell, Creative Director and Brand Developer, during initial scene and site scouting in March 2013. 

The Movie

“Draft Day” is a sports drama film directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Kevin Costner. It was released on April 11, 2014. The story revolves around the general manager, Sonny Weaver, of the Cleveland Browns (Kevin Costner) deciding what to do when his team acquires the number one draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft.  Filming began on May 8, 2013. The film premiered in Los Angeles on April 7. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Eleven River Story

When Hollywood came to Cleveland looking for an idyllic world-class home for A-lister Kevin Costner, only one place fit the bill. The Eleven River Luxury Townhomes of Rocky River. Nestled within a private enclave along the Cleveland Metroparks on the Rocky River, this architectural triumph of modern design epitomized the home of leading man Kevin Costner.

For three days in May 2013, Ivan Reitman and the cast and crew worked on staging the set of Sonny Weaver's home at Eleven River. Visionary real-estate developer Andrew Brickman (an acclaimed movie producer himself) along with his partner Creative Director and Brand Developer Justin Campbell had met with Ivan months in advance to prepare for the filming.

Lunch with Kevin

After shooting the scene where co-star Jennifer Garner hastily leaves Kevin at the front door, we sat down with Kevin at Sweetwater Landing for lunch. Kevin shared "remember-when" stories, talking about how he got his start in the business. He and his best friend moved out to California over 35 years ago.  Kevin had aspirations of becoming a singer-songwriter and his friend, an actor. For income, the part-time singer and actor wielded the hammer and framed and built single-family homes.

Kevin expressed amazement at Eleven River and finding "this type of design and architecture" in Ohio. Eleven River features 11 private residences (which just recently sold out) designed by Scott and Analia Dimit of Dimit Architects.

Behind the Scene Info

Jennifer Garner rented a home in Shaker and Bratenahl during the shoot.

Kevin stayed at a friend’s home in Rocky River.

Kevin frequently comes back to Northeast Ohio and just played in Youngstown with his country music band.

Brickman and Campbell are active proponents and supporters of Cleveland and Ivan Schwarz, executive director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission.

Part of the "Draft Day" crew was also used on the set of "Captain America, Winter Soldier", which simultaneously was being shot in Lakewood and Cleveland.

Ivan Reitman is the producer and director of some of the most successful and best-loved film comedies. He produced National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) and directed  Ghostbusters (1984), just two of his many credits. 


Campbell literally stood behind the door during Jennifer's "Peel Out" scene when she runs out on Kevin, taking off in a white Camaro. Due to a miscommunication before the scene, two cats belonging to the owner of the residence needed to be occupied by Campbell at the end of the hallway. Each time the door opened and Jennifer ran out, both cats made their best attempt to run out with her. Moreover, the scene was shot six or seven times!

Justin Campbell

Justin Campbell is a Partner in Eleven River Luxury Townhomes and a co-founder of Abode Modern Lifestyle Developers. He is also the founder and CEO of Brandtechnique, a real-estate brand development firm.

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