Should Guests Address Their own Thank-You Notes?

Recently a woman told me about a baby shower that she had attended, where the hostess passed out envelopes at the end of the party and asked the guests to put their names and addresses on them.  The hostess explained that this would make it easier for the new mother-to-be to get thank-you notes out.  Is this an acceptable practice according to protocol? 

The answer is no. Asking someone to address her own thank-you note is like asking her to wrap her own gift.  It is not acceptable. If a person has shopped for a gift - especially one identified as needed - paid for it, wrapped it, and made time to attend the party, the guest of honor should address the envelope.  It only takes a minute!    

Etiquette is not about doing what is most convenient.  It is about making others feel comfortable and appreciated.  Thinking unselfishly about others sometimes requires effort because it is not always our first choice.  

At the end of the day, it is a choice.  Many times we want to reject protocol because it doesn’t fit into what is most convenient for us.  Sometimes etiquette is about tradition, preserving how something has been done for many years.  It is important because it sets guidelines to follow on keeping others upper most in our minds.  Etiquette is about what is the best demonstration of our appreciation.

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Colleen Harding


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Volume 1, Issue 7, Posted 4:12 PM, 01.08.2014