Not Just Horsing Around

Alex Salmon and her steed

Horseback riding, a sport?


Well the answer is, YES! 

A sport is an activity where you are physically moving, which involves a skill, a skill you develop to compete against other teams or people. The most famous saying that all of us “horse people” hear is, “You just sit there and the horse does everything.” 

This depends on what type of riding you are participating in. Going for a leisurely trail ride at a camp or for an exhilarating experience, then this statement might be true.  However, to a competitive rider, this is false! 

There are many physical benefits to being an equestrian. Sitting on the horse, you need to maintain good posture. Your stomach muscles aid you in staying balanced, in return keeping the horse keep in balance as well, allowing him to perform his best. 

Next on the physical fitness list,  is your legs.In English riding, a common term is the ‘posting’ or ‘rising trot’. The posting trot is a way to relieve the horse’s back from the rider’s weight. This uses your inner thigh and calf muscles. There are many exercises used to develop your muscles and which make you a stronger rider.

Alex Salmon

Alex Salmon is an accomplished rider and is entering her freshman year at Rocky River High School

Valley Riding | Rocky River Stable

19901 Puritas Ave.

(Across from Mastick Woods)

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 9:58 AM, 07.01.2013