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Photo by Jessie L. Roberts

Jessie Roberts became a member by taking a walk down the valley, around the Rocky River reservation. And the results are an impressive debut of her aesthetic and her work on our carousel gallery to the right on our front page.

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You can likewise do so, too. Claim the carousel for yourself.

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Attending a track meet or baseball game of a child or a friend? Going to the Fairview High or Rocky River graduation? See some inspiring gardens on your morning route?

Then take a few photos. Become a member of the Rockport Observer Upload photos. Write up a gallery title and perhaps a couple of captions. And share your eye and artistry with the rest of the neighborhood.

'But I'm not a photographer,' you say.


Like golf or bowling or karaoke, everyone has a few good moments and in photography everybody can take a few good shots that capture moments in time. Just point. Click. Post.

Make it your carousel for a few days.

It's the coolest free outlet you'll find this year for your vision, your perspective, your aesthetic.

The Rockport Observer's Photo Factory. Become a member.


Graduating senior Jessie L. Roberts is a member of the Rockport Photo Factory and this is her first gallery for The Rockport Observer.

Matthew K. Weiland

Matthew K. Weiland is the founding editor of the Rockport Observer

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 4:32 PM, 05.02.2013