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Share Your Blessings...Fund a Tree

The Ritzy Chic is decked out for the holidays.

Not every year...but every day we should count our blessings for what we have and what we have accomplished.  I've taught my children..."be the best person you can and live your life to the fullest".  One day you may be on top of the world and the next, you may be told you have cancer. Then the world becomes all about love, compassion, respect, hoping, and the will to survive. With that in mind, I would like to ask for the support of the community in our "Fund a Tree" event.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 3:45 PM, 12.10.2014

Jamie L. Mason Appointed Director of RRPL

Jamie L. Mason is Rocky River Public Library's new director.

The Rocky River Public Library Board of Trustees recently announced that Jamie L. Mason is the new director of the library. “I am very pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees appointed Jamie Mason as director,” said Rocky River Public Library Board President Audra Bednarski. "We have great confidence in Jamie's leadership skills, his vision for the library, and his concern for our staff,” she said.

Mason has been the library’s interim director since July 2014. Prior to this, Mason served as the library’s deputy director since 2009.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 3:53 PM, 12.10.2014

"Drones" to Bring Jobs to Fairview Park

Anthony Serio and Michael Hach with small drones.

It’s been a long time since Cleveland has seen any new innovation. Ever since the industrial days of LTV Steel, our city has been starving for new advancements in the job sector. It would only make sense that the time is now, given the way things are now going for our city - the RNC convention, LeBron’s return, and new developments downtown.

What’s next? Cleveland Aerial Media LLC. (a year old company) plans to be the pioneers and pave the path for new innovation in Fairview Park.

Drone technology requires many different applications such as software development, mechanical engineering, and piloting abilities. Because of this, Cleveland Aerial Media LLC. plans to expand and create new jobs in Fairview Park.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 3:48 PM, 12.10.2014

New Barber at Rockport Barber Styling

With a family lineage tracing her barbershop roots back to Italy, the newest addition to Rockport Barber Styling - Marie Simeone - is blending that heritage with her love for "All Things Cleveland" to create a welcoming environment for all ages.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 6:04 PM, 12.11.2014

The Importance of Dog Socialization

Zelda is the perfectly trained dog of Daniel Makara.

Everyone from the veterinarian to the pizza delivery guy seems to tell the new owner of a puppy or dog that he or she needs to get the dog “socialized”. In the dog world, socialization is in every doggy magazine, training advertisement and Website. The message is absolutely right - socialization is very important.

While the message is clear, the how-tos and the dangers of improper socialization are usually not discussed. It’s a point that I often cover many times in my in-home dog and puppy training.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 6:08 PM, 12.11.2014

Shelini's Fine Jewelry Treasures

A variety of jewelry from different manufacturers is on display.

Christopher and Vera Shelini recently established Shelini’s Treasures, a fine jewelry store located at 17810 Detroit Avenue.  The store provides quality items at manufacturer and wholesale prices. "Our goal is to give quality back to the consumer.”

Thus, the Shelinis established “Shelini’s Treasures” in Lakewood specifically to offer fine jewelry at reduced prices.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:42 PM, 12.12.2014

Rocky River Meals on Wheels

Rocky River MOW's Monday cook and volunteer kitchen staff put together another healthy meal. 

Most people have heard of Meals on Wheels (MOW), but many do not know the particulars about this valuable community service.

The Rocky River Meals on Wheels is a volunteer-based organization whose mission is to prepare meals for those who find it difficult to shop for or prepare food. It has been proudly serving the Rocky River community since 1976.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 3:52 PM, 12.10.2014

Silent Victims of Civil Unrest

Most of the media coverage of last month’s civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri focused on the legal issues leading to the protests and rioting after a grand jury decided not to indite a white police officer who shot a black man. What the media did not spend much time reporting was the massive loss of property for small business owners caused by the riots.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:39 PM, 12.12.2014

A Healthy Holiday Wish!

This time of year is a time when families get together to celebrate the holidays.  As we gather ourselves around the dinner table, the most common discussions are usually about one's health.  Sharing doctor experiences, along with health challenges, becomes a very common practice, unfortunately. 

This month I would like to share with you the greatest holiday wish -  a wish for your good health.  Good health is something we should never take for granted, nor should we search for it only when it is lost. 

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 6:05 PM, 12.11.2014

Holiday Tips for Seniors

The holidays are a hectic time of the year for many, and we want to make sure that the season is enjoyable for seniors. If you are a senior, the following tips should help you prepare for the holidays so that you can fully enjoy the time you spend with family and friends.

The first thing you need for the holidays is a plan. Make a schedule of events and plan for these celebrations. Try not to overextend yourself. Many invitations will go out for the holiday season. Don’t feel like you are obligated to attend every event, especially if an event is expected to go late into the night. It is alright to say “no” sometimes.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 3:56 PM, 12.10.2014

WYL Hosts 5th Annual Leadership Training

Rocky River High School students taking a break.

A record number of middle and high school students and staff from Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted and Rocky River braved the cold and snow to participate in the annual Westshore Young Leaders (WYL) Training event held at the Don Umerley Civic Center in Rocky River in late November.  Over the past five years, the event has drawn almost 400 students in the Westshore District. 

The Westshore Young Leaders Network partnered with McKeon Education Group to facilitate the invigorating day of interactive training.  The quote, If your actions inspire others to dream more and do more, you are a leader” from John Quincy Adams, was the spur for one activity.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 6:09 PM, 12.11.2014

RRPL Honored as American Star Library

Rocky River Public Library was recently named a "Star Library."

For the fourth consecutive year, Rocky River Public Library has been selected as one of the best libraries in the nation in Library Journal’s 2014 “Index of Public Library Service.” The rating identifies 258 Star libraries, based on data from more than 7,500 public libraries nationwide.

“We are honored to be chosen again as a Star Library,” said Library Director Jamie L. Mason.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 6:06 PM, 12.11.2014

Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Meeting of November 18

This report is not an official LWV statement.  WWTP staff prepares official minutes.

Thermal Sludge Conditioning:  Sludge removal cost $185,000 in 2014.  The local farm that has taken sludge during the warm months at $17 per wet ton will stop doing so in 2015.  Alternative estimate is $22.  Microwave drying is meant for smaller plants, and the resulting product retains an odor.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:37 PM, 12.12.2014

Westshore Council of Governments Meeting of November 12

This report is not an official LWV statement.  Mayor Patton's office prepares official minutes, which are posted on Fairview Park's website.

RTA:  County Council may discuss a tax increase for RTA.  Much discussion of the new Clifton Boulevard shelters.  Amenities encourage ridership.  Lakeshore Express buses will come every 10 minutes for two hours in the morning and evening.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:36 PM, 12.12.2014

Cuyahoga Land Bank Featured in New Report

An estimated 120 land banks exist in the United States, and their ability to adapt to local conditions and needs is helping communities, large and small, address the negative impacts of vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties, according to "Take it to the Bank: How Land Banks Are Strengthening America’s Neighborhoods", a new report from the Center for Community Progress. (Download the report)

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:39 PM, 12.12.2014

Publishers Note Dec 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Byers

As I begin writing this month’s Publisher’s Note, the song What a Difference a Day Makes comes to mind.  Reflecting on this past year and the many changes in my lifeI realize how precious our time on this earth is, and how quickly it can slip away. Although I have received many blessings this year…I did not escape the loss of several special friends.  I am also mindful of the fact that not everyone has been blessed with the magnitude of family and friends that I have.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:45 PM, 12.12.2014

Grandma's Christmas Tree

If I stare at the picture long enough, I can feel the draft from the windows behind the plastic covered couch, see the family portrait sitting on the TV set, and smell the turkey in the oven. Christmas Day at Grandma’s in the 1960s.

We would meet after mass and crowd into Grandma’s small house on Kirton Avenue. The tree was always the center of discussion. It was aluminum - you could see right through it. A pitifully under-decorated tree hung with the few ornaments that survived our youth.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 3:44 PM, 12.10.2014

Poem: Thank You

A boy of seven, almost eight
Who couldn't wait, he rushed
His bicycle to the street, didn't
Check lest he meet a vehicle
And nearly meet it, he did.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:40 PM, 12.12.2014

Get Creative with Holiday Tipping

This holiday season, take a moment to recognize those around you and tip.  If you don’t usually tip, give it a shot.  If you do normally tip, do something extra special and creative.  Take care of people you normally do and people you normally don’t.  For example, if the cashier at the car wash treats you nicely or someone brings your heavy items to your car, slip him or her a couple of dollars.  Most people take these folks for granted. 

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 6:05 PM, 12.11.2014

Roasted Mushroom, Kale and Bean Soup

This roasted mushroom, kale and bean soup is both hearty and healthy.  Pureed beans give the stock a rich texture without adding cream. Roasted mushrooms are meaty and filling, and the kale adds nourishing fiber and protein.  Garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage and parmesan pack this soup full of savory flavors.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 2:38 PM, 12.12.2014

Shop Local for the Holidays

With the holiday shopping season getting into full swing, local businesses are encouraging people to buy from local businesses. Local independent retailers have several distinct advantages over national big box competitors.

The economic argument for why customers should shop locally is simple. Spending at local businesses helps the local economy by providing jobs. Local entrepreneurs also tend to buy from local suppliers and use local professional services such as attorneys and accountants.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:57 PM, 11.11.2014

Become a Part of the Improving Job Market

Are you an underemployed or unemployed person looking to start a new phase of your life? Do you wonder what you can do when you retire to bring in some income or to keep yourself occupied and your brain alert? Or are you just tired of doing the same old thing and want to change careers to something more fun and enjoyable? If so, the new 2nd Stage Institute is for you.

Classes will be held at the Fifth Third Bank Building at 20220 Center Ridge Road and at the recently remodeled Plaza West Conference Center of River Properties. The basic module of five classes will be held in the third floor conference room on Thursday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. for a five week period, November 13 through December 18 (excluding Thanksgiving).

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:24 PM, 11.11.2014

Beck Center Dance Education Offers Festive Events

Beck Center Dance Education brings in the holiday season as it presents A Journey with Clara to the Land of Sweets and its popular biannual Holiday Tea Party.

A Journey with Clara to the Land of the Sweets takes place on Sunday, November 23, in the Recital Hall of Beck Center’s Music & Dance building. This dance workshop offers 90 magical minutes of fantasy fun for children ages 4 to 8 years. Students may select from two class times - 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Cost is $15 per student. Class size is limited, so enroll today!

The Dance Alliance of Beck Center is inviting children and their families to a Holiday Tea Party on December 6 and 7 in the Recital Hall of the Music & Dance building at Beck Center. Guests will enjoy entertainment by the Beck Center Dance Workshop and select dancers as they perform excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet, "The Nutcracker".

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:18 PM, 11.11.2014

"The Pajama Game" Comes to Magnificat

"The Pajama Game" comes to Magnificat in November. Cast members pictured are Cindy Trannguyen '16, David Faust (senior at St Ignatius), Mary Hearns '15, Nora Dillon '15, and Casey Sobecks (senior at St. Ignatius).  

Grab your favorite blanket and a pillow, and head to the Magnificat Center for the Performing Arts on November 22-23 and 28-29, as Magnificat High School presents "The Pajama Game".

Performances are at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and at 4 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and $10 for students, and can be purchased by visiting or by calling 440-331-1572, ext. 261. Magnificat is located at 20770 Hilliard Blvd. in Rocky River.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:01 PM, 11.12.2014

Dance Alliance of Beck Center Hosts Social Event

Dolinar Spahija

The Dance Alliance of Beck Center invites you to Afternoon Reception & Acoustic Concert with Dolinar Spahija on Sunday, November 23. This social event will take place at 3 p.m. in the intimate Studio Theater at Beck Center. Tickets, which include one drink ticket, are $25. Appetizers and beverages will be served as a concert featuring the internationally and classically trained Spahija takes place. All proceeds benefit the Dance Alliance of Beck Center.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 2:50 PM, 11.12.2014

New Alzheimer’s Trial at Lakewood Hospital

People aged 60 to 90 who are diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from something as simple as sitting in a chair – a state-of-the-art chair, that is.

Clinical trials for the new chair therapy began last fall at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas. This non-invasive therapeutic system uses cognitive training and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) on targeted areas of the brain. The trial was expanded to Lakewood Hospital in early 2014.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:15 PM, 11.11.2014

DINE TO DONATE Cancer Fundraiser

Billy Donato, Las Vegas Showman, will be performing at Tommy's Place on November 15.

Join us for our cancer support fundraiser DINE TO DONATE.  Tommy's Place, located at 1325 Linda St. in Rocky River, will donate 10% of all food item purchases on Saturday, November 15, from  6 p.m. until closing.

The fundraiser will include door prizes, raffles, a Chinese auction, and a vintage jewelry a special appearance by Billy Donato - Las Vegas Showman. Billy's show will start at 8:30 p.m.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:59 PM, 11.11.2014

Publisher's Note: November 2014

Who would’ve thought that starting this paper would attract the man of my dreams…

I grew up in the "perfect" neighborhood...where our neighbors were considered Family.  Two summers ago the Morris’ who lived two doors from us hosted a Labor Day picnic with the Byers family; who lived just a few miles away but spent a lot of time on our street.  Mrs. Morris (Sally) shared my second issue of The Rockport Observer with the Byers Family.  One of the son’s visiting from Los Angeles noted my name as Publisher. 

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:06 PM, 11.12.2014

I'm With Mojo

Mojo, a licensed therapy dog, dressed to bring smiles to everyone.

It started in early 2010 when my wife, Rosine, insisted I do something besides read the sports page and bond with the remote. There was an article in the paper inviting people to attend a volunteer orientation class given by the Berea Animal Rescue. It was strongly suggested I attend this class.

Well, I got hooked and a few months later, in April, five-year old “Matt” (due to his matted state) was brought into the shelter. I fell in love with the little guy. Rosine and I decided to foster him, renamed him Mojo (after an old Blues song, “Got My Mojo Working“) and took him home. A few days later, we became what is known as “Foster Failures” -  we decided he had to become a permanent family member.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:19 PM, 11.11.2014

Rocky River Resident Is Tri-C’s Board Student Scholar

Mireille “Miro” Tabanji

Rocky River resident Mireille “Miro” Tabanji — the 2014-2015 Board Student Scholar at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) — can tell you all about perseverance.

In 1980, when Tabanji was 18, she fled war-torn Lebanon with her family and took refuge in Jordan. She left her homeland without graduating from high school, as the fighting often forced her to abandon class.

In 1980, when Tabanji was 18, she fled war-torn Lebanon with her family and took refuge in Jordan. She left her homeland without graduating from high school, as the fighting often forced her to abandon class.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:22 PM, 11.11.2014

Metheny Weir Brings Chalk Paint® to the West Side

Artistic duo Sue Weir and Kim Metheny

Now Cleveland Westsiders can visit Metheny Weir’s new Rocky River studio to learn easy DIY paint techniques that will enable them to channel their creative energies and transform their home decors. This new store is located at 20254 Detroit Road.

Demand for the Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and for painting classes taught by co-owners Kim Metheny and Sue Weir has grown in recent years at their original studio in Shaker Heights. “We have a bunch of customers who make the trek over to Shaker from Rocky River, Lakewood, Westlake and Avon so we think there’s a great opportunity to grow here,” says Metheny.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:03 PM, 11.11.2014

Gestures Gallery: Local Art and Crafts

Gestures is filled with unique gifts created by local artisans.

Gestures Gallery - in the heart of Rocky River at 1150 Linda Street - has been providing over 130 different regional artisans a place to showcase their work for five years. Gestures is stocked full of one of a kind creations, including wall art, jewelry, hand-crafted soaps, pottery, cards, plus many functional fiber art pieces. 

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:54 PM, 11.11.2014

Meet the New Owner of Herb's Tavern

One of Rocky River’s venerable eating and drinking establishments recently changed ownership after celebrating its 50th anniversary in business. Herb’s Tavern at 19925 Detroit Road is now owned by Kim Berry, who bought the business earlier this year.

When Berry took over, a lot of work needed to be done. “My parents’ standards were very high for food quality, cleanliness and customer service. I had no choice but to start with a new staff. In May, Herb’s closed for three days to clean and train new staff." Many customers left, claiming that Berry was changing everything - from rewriting the menu to knocking down the walls.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:13 PM, 11.11.2014

Century Cycles Named a Gold-Level Bicycle Friendly Business

The League of American Bicyclists has recognized Rocky River-based bicycle shop Century Cycles as a Gold-Level Bicycle Friendly Business. The league is a national non-profit advocacy group that is leading the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. It announced the 2014 list of 150 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses on September 24. Century Cycles joins a list of over 800 local businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies across the country that are transforming the American workplace.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:07 PM, 11.11.2014

Dog Training: Sooner Is Better

Just two well-behaved kids hanging out!

As the owner of Rockstar Dog Training, I meet many people and dogs in different situations. Unfortunately, I'm usually called to someone’s home after a behavior problem has already developed.

It may come as a surprise that the best time to call a dog trainer is before you even get a dog! On occasion, I've been hired prior to a client picking out a puppy. I’ve been able to assist not only in the selection of the dog but also in the initial homecoming.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:05 PM, 11.11.2014

Say Goodbye to Headaches and Migraines

Over the last month or so, I have had many clients visit my office seeking help for migraines and headaches. Since so many people suffer with this debilitating condition, I thought it would be a great discussion topic. 

There are many reasons why one suffers from headaches and/or migraines. I believe most people could eliminate their pain if they knew and understood what was causing it. In my opinion, conventional medicine really misses the boat because the treatment is geared only toward dulling the pain, which does not in any way address the problem.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 4:12 PM, 11.11.2014

Report on Westshore Council of Governments Meeting on October 8

This report is not an official LWV statement.  Official minutes are prepared by Mayor Patton's office and posted on Fairview Park's website.

Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Association (CCMCMA)

Mayor Sutherland reported that HB5 municipal income tax changes will be taken up by the lame duck Ohio Senate and will require close monitoring to ensure progress.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 2:56 PM, 11.12.2014

Thank You to Voters

Thank you to the voters of District 16 - Bay Village, Fairview Park, North Olmsted, Rocky River and Westlake - for their overwhelming support to re-elect me on Election Day.  Thank you also to my campaign team for tirelessly walking door-to-door with me, making phone calls, attending festivals, walking in parades, planting yard signs and volunteering at our wonderful October Pancake Breakfast in Rocky River.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 2:51 PM, 11.12.2014

"For God & Country" Letter Contest

Each school year, the 7th and 8th grade students at Lewis F. Mayer Middle School, St. Angela Merici School, and Messiah Lutheran School compete in a letter writing contest aimed at acknowledging the overseas members of our Armed Forces and expressing gratitude for their sacrifices in keeping the United States safe and free.

Referred to as "For God and Country," this contest received its name from the letter prompt given to students: "Why God, country, and the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces are important to our country’s freedom." The year 2014 marks the 38th year of the For God and Country program.


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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 2:49 PM, 11.12.2014

Drug Free Community Coalition Receives Funding

The Westshore Young Leaders Network (WYLN), an emerging coalition in Cuyahoga County that serves six communities in the West Shore region, received notification that it had been selected to be mentored by The Community Awareness and Prevention Association (CAPA) for the Coalition of Excellence - Mentoring Grant from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. The communities include the suburbs of Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted, Rocky River and Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 2:57 PM, 11.12.2014

So You Think You’re Fast? Prove It!

And coming around the bend...he took the lead.

If you have never seen speedskating in person, it’s time to make a jaunt over to Winterhurst Arena in Lakewood and watch adults and kids - as young as five - race around the oval, dipping deep into the corners and pushing for the finish line.  But even better would be to give it a try yourself. 

Depending on your age, you may be better acquainted with Bonnie Blair than with Apolo Anton Ohno, but don’t let that stop you from strapping on a pair of skates.  Speedskating is a great workout, combining strength training and cardiovascular endurance.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 2:54 PM, 11.12.2014

An Essay: November

Perhaps it is the cruelest month of all to those who live in northern Ohio.  The rich amber, gold and purple leaves falling from the exposed brown tree bark remind us of the coming cold winter. The trees are weeping their leaves in winds that start out as lukewarm breezes and turn frigid in minutes. Blue skies turn a brooding grey in a heartbeat. It is a melancholy goodbye to summer and the beginning of winter.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 2:59 PM, 11.12.2014

Like Bargains? Love our Book Sale!

Find a baragain at Rocky River Public Library's ongoing book sale.

The Women’s Committee of Rocky River Public Library hosts an ongoing book sale in the library's lobby. Recent bestsellers, Pulitzer-prize winning novels, children’s popular and classic literature, as well as a host of nonfiction(ranging from cookbooks and travel guides to antiques and decorating) are snapped up almost as soon as they hit the shelves.  DVDs, CDs and audiobooks abound! Prices generally range from 50¢ to $1.00 for new and nearly new items that have been donated to the library.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:00 PM, 11.12.2014

Please, No Candy in Church!

Recently, I attended a church service and sat in front of some poorly behaved children. To make matters worse, the parents attempted to bribe their children with candy suckers that came in very loud wrappers. 

In my house, candy is a reward for good behavior.  I wondered why someone would give an overly active child sugar in the hopes that they would calm down.  Bribing an overly active child to calm down with sugar is like bribing an alcoholic to get sober with a beer.  It just didn’t make any sense, but it got me thinking.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:03 PM, 11.12.2014

An Easy Holiday Side Dish

Balsamic Glazed Butternut Squash with Bacon & Walnuts

This recipe puts a gourmet spin on roasted butternut squash with a hint of sweet balsamic vinegar, pieces of smoky bacon, and crunchy walnuts.  It’s a great side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it’s easy enough to serve any night of the week. 

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 3:04 PM, 11.12.2014

Why Pass a Tax Increase?

We are facing an important decision in our community and will soon be making a choice about our future.

As a result, a proposed 0.5% increase in our municipal income tax has been placed on the November ballot. This only comes after the City has cut its budget by more than 27% since 2008.

Our Frequently Asked Questions lays out the details of the tax increase and associated credit. It is important to note that the additional funds generated by the increase, estimated at $2.3 million, can only be used for capital projects and equipment purchases.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 9:09 AM, 10.02.2014

October Is Voter Education Month

If you have the right to vote, you also have the responsibility to research.  A listing of voter education resources and links compiled by LWV - Greater Cleveland is available below.

Your Registration, Ballot, and Polling Place:  See the upper left corner of to verify your registration, find your polling place, view your ballot, request a vote by mail application, track your ballot, register to vote, and update your address.

Vote by Mail:  If you request a Vote by Mail ballot, please use it.  If you go to the polls instead, you will have to cast a provisional ballot.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 10:38 AM, 10.01.2014

Chamber Music Society's 56th Season Begins

Austria's Vienna Piano Trio will perform in March as part of the Rocky River Chamber Music Society's 2014-2015 season.

The Rocky River Chamber Music Society is pleased to announce its 56th season of presenting high-quality professional chamber music concerts for the Northeast Ohio community.  Concerts take place at 7:30 p.m. on Monday evenings in the outstanding acoustical environment of the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church.  In addition to its five evening concerts, the Society presents its second children’s concert on Sunday, December 7 at 2:30 p.m.  This performance will feature stories and music from Cleveland's West Side, composed and conducted by former Lakewoodite Max Mueller.

The first concert, on October 6, features pianists Thomas Labé and Hyunsoon Whang performing music for "one piano, 4 hands."  

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 11:45 AM, 10.04.2014

Library's Popular Chef''s Secrets Series Continues to Entice!

Chef Taki, owner of Taki’s Greek Kitchen

Want to learn some Chef’s Secrets?  Rocky River Public Library presents “Mouth-watering Moussaka” with Chef Taki, owner of Taki’s Greek Kitchen, on October 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium.

Find out what makes his restaurant so special and why it won Cleveland Magazine’s Silver Spoon award for Best Greek Restaurant.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 11:39 AM, 10.04.2014

Fall Open House and More at Magnificat

•  Annual Fall Open House

Sunday, October 19, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

This event is open to all prospective students and their parents—both public and private school students are encouraged to attend. Take a guided tour with a current student, meet our teachers and coaches, talk to our students, observe classroom demonstrations and enjoy observing rehearsals by our performing arts students. Refreshments will be served.

Magnificat High School has many events planned this fall. For more information about any of these happenings, please call 440-331-1572 or visit

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 9:16 AM, 10.02.2014

The Ritzy Chic Supports All Cancer Survivors

Treasures can be found at The Ritzy Chic.

In October, The Ritzy Chic is planning a different sale and promotion every week.  As a special thanks to our customers for their continuing support, we will be handing out a customer appreciation card that entitles them to 10% off any item in the shop, including sale items. 

You must have this card and only one purchase per day will be permitted. In the first week, October 1 through 5,  our sale will be all nearly-new clothing at 75% off (vintage clothing and accessories excluded).  From this sale, we will donate 100% proceeds to our beneficiary of the month.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 6:28 PM, 10.01.2014

Aquarelle Art Show at Fireside Room Gallery

"Row Boat" by Bob Parry

The West Shore Aquarelle Watercolor Society is displaying an art show from September 20 through October 24 in the Fireside Gallery at the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church located at 20401 Hilliard Boulevard, Rocky River.

 Most of the paintings in the show are for sale. The Gallery is open most weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the Fireside Room is not scheduled for meetings. Please call the Gallery at 440-333-2255 for times when viewing is available.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 10:37 AM, 10.01.2014

Framing from the Heart

This morning a large envelope was in my mail. Not expecting anything of size, I looked at it wondering what could be inside, and then I noticed a return address sticker from my favorite aunt. Inside was a gift she'd received from friends who had just returned from four months of traveling. It was a print from a Chinese antique store. These are the framing projects I love the most.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 9:14 AM, 10.02.2014

Revitalization in Upholstery Industry

Fabric Showcase, established in 1974, specializes in furniture reupholstery. General Manager Andrew Bodjanac, a third-generation upholsterer, grew up around furniture. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Bodjanac to discuss the business.

“Growing up in my dad’s shop, an upholsterer was the last thing I wanted to be,” says Andrew. “Working directly with clients and seeing the transformation of an old piece of furniture into something beautiful opened my eyes to the beauty of the trade.”

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 9:12 AM, 10.02.2014

Teammates Critical to Entrepreneurial Success

Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is knowing when and how to choose professionals to assist in the starting and running of a business. This month’s column will discuss issues related to choosing an accountant. The November column will examine the process of working with an attorney.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 11:52 AM, 10.02.2014

Defeating Arthritis Pain and Suffering

Arthritis pain and suffering is a serious epidemic that affects millions of Americans.  It's a condition that affects more than 46 million U.S. adults - and the number is expected to increase to 67 million by 2030. No matter the type, the pain can be debilitating and affect an individual’s overall function, preventing them from doing the things in life they enjoy most. 

The question behind all types of arthritis that we need to ask is WHY?  Why do joints become inflamed?  For all those who suffer with arthritis, it is important to understand why this occurs.   

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 9:26 AM, 10.02.2014

NCH's Gala Raises over $145,000

Dr. Sunita Matthew, Dan Karchmer, Dr. Thomas Sferra, and Dr. Jessica Philpott enjoying the gala.

More than 300 people turned out for North Coast Health’s annual Celebration of Caring gala in late August 28 at LaCentre in Westlake.  Over $145,000 was raised through the event, which represents 10% of the organization’s operating budget and will be used to continue the life-saving care that NCH provides to the medically underserved.

"We are touched by the faithful support we have received through this event," says NCH Executive Director Lee Elmore. "Despite the many changes transforming our nation’s health care system, the need for our services continues.  With the financial help of our community, we are able to continue to see those who need us most.”

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 11:49 AM, 10.04.2014

Cleveland Clinic to Launch Initiative in West Park

Cleveland Clinic’s Fairview Hospital has teamed up with the City of Cleveland and several community partners to offer a new wellness program called “Be Well West Park.” The program will kick off an adult wellness challenge at the West Park YMCA on Wednesday, October 1, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 11:43 AM, 10.04.2014

Use It or Lose It!

Anyone who watches election returns knows that we Americans take our right to vote for granted.  But just how fragile is that right?
Are you a white male landowner who's over 21 years old?  When the United States was founded, that's what it took to vote in most states.  By the Civil War, most states had removed the wealth requirement, but you still had to be male, white and, in most states, 21.
Are you a naturalized citizen?  You couldn't have voted until the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was passed in 1868.
Is your skin dark?  The 15th Amendment, passed in 1870, provided that voting rights could not be abridged based on race, color or previous condition of servitude.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 10:32 AM, 10.01.2014

You Have a Choice!

Todd LeVeck

When this race began in the spring, many voters had never heard of me.  I’ve never held an elected office; my life experience has been raising my family, serving my country, teaching kids, and paying my bills. But I’ve also been paying attention to what goes on in Columbus. 

What I see is that there are many representatives in the  Ohio General Assembly who seem to be most interested in taking care of special interests, raising campaign contributions, and furthering their own political careers. I am running for State Representative because I feel that we need a representative who will support our public schools, local governments, seniors, and middle-class families.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 9:30 AM, 10.02.2014