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Emerald Necklace Inn and the Fairview Park Cemetery

Gloria Cipri-Kemer is ready for the next tour. A portion of the proceeds of the tour and luncheon will benefit the cemetery. 

Gloria Cipri-Kemer and Sharon Guinaugh have planned four dates in the summer for a cemetery tour followed by a luncheon at the Inn. Sharon will take guests on her favorite tour, "Off the Cuff", unscripted and largely unrehearsed. She will share the area's rich history and introduce some of the "permanent residents" as you explore the grounds. After the cemetery excursion, Gloria will host lunch at the Inn and tell some endearing Gilles stories.  There will be an informal Q-and-A with Sharon and her book will be available for signing.

The tour dates are June 12, July 17, August 21, and September 18.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:44 PM, 05.05.2015

"Oliver!" at Beck Center

“Please, sir, I want some more.” (Graphic Design by Pat Miller)

Beck Center Youth Theater closes its 66th season with "Oliver!" on May 15–24 on the Mackey Main Stage. Featuring 56 Beck Center students, the musical will have audiences following the adventures of the young orphan, Oliver Twist, as he explores the streets of London.

Show times are 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. A special student matinee performance will take place at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 21. Tickets are on sale now.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:46 PM, 05.05.2015

Summer Rowing with CYRA

CYRA's competitive 2014 spring team at the Hoover Regatta in Columbus.

Cleveland Youth Rowing Association (CYRA), Cleveland’s oldest existing rowing club for high school students, is currently accepting registrations for all summer programming. Striving to be a premier competitive junior rowing program, the mission of CYRA is to provide a competitive rowing experience to positively impact the mind, body, and spirit of young athletes in the Greater Cleveland community.

Our rowers are comprised of girls and boys from numerous schools and communities throughout the Cleveland Metropolitan area.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:57 PM, 05.06.2015

Annual Bike To School Challenge Kicks Off in May

Rocky River Middle School and Bay Middle School students at the 2014 Biver/Ray Ride in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Over 5,000 middle school, high school, and elementary school students in Rocky River, Bay Village and Medina will participate in the 2015 Bike To School Challenge in May. The award-winning program - the biggest bike-to-school program in the U.S. - returns for its fifth year at Rocky River schools, eighth year at Bay Village schools, and its fourth year at Medina schools.

The Rocky River Bike To School Challenge officially begins on Monday, May 4, at Rocky River Middle School. The students at Kensington will enjoy a four-day Challenge, beginning on Monday, May 18.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:38 PM, 05.05.2015

The Ritzy Chic Offers Vendor Space

Something for everyone at The Ritzy Chic.

People come into our shop and not only look for specific antiques and collectibles, but also ask if there are any other antique shops on the street.  Given these requests, I decided to make things simple by offering vendor/dealer space. Vendors typically carry an assortment of interesting items that, I believe, would meet the needs of our general customer base. 

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:42 PM, 05.09.2015

Osteoporosis and Fracture Risks

Osteoporosis is one of the leading health conditions that affect seniors today. It ranks with the number one causes of bone fractures in those over the age of 50. Any senior can face this fear. 

In our next seminar at the end of May, I will explain the truth behind osteoporosis, why it is growing at such an alarming rate, and how to combat this frightening disease.  We will talk about diet and what you can do to support bone building.  In addition, we will discuss safe exercises to promote bone building.

Join us at Panera Bread in Rocky River on May 27 at 7:15 p.m. for an in-depth look at osteoporosis and what you can do about it. Please call 440-331-4744 to reserve a space.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:54 PM, 05.09.2015

Unlocking Abundance in Our Lives

Rajeev Ahluwalia addressed Brainwaves and Healing at the Fairview Park Library in April.

We are the product of our environment and the beliefs we carry in our life. Beliefs can be at the genetic level, the core level, the history level, or at the soul level.

Ancient sages and modern scientists believe that things happen to us only because we invite them into our lives, consciously and/or unconsciously.

Different studies have shown that people, who have brought about a synchronization of their mind-body-soul, have lived a more fulfilling life in every aspect.

I am currently offering a free 20-minute ThetaHealing® session on first-come first-serve basis. Only a limited number of sessions are offered. Book your sessions at

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 10:14 AM, 05.07.2015

Are the Seniors in Your Life Eating Well?

Serving lunch with a smile: Michelle Soneson, Gail Hine, and Ruth Flannigan.

Eating well is important at every age, but health issues and physical limitations can sometimes make it difficult for older adults to get the nutrients they need for a healthy diet.  Did you know that malnutrition and poor nutrition occur in 15% to 50% of our senior population?  The symptoms - weight loss, disorientation, lightheadedness, lethargy, and loss of appetite - are often mistaken for illness or disease.

Many seniors don’t eat as well as they should for a variety of reasons.  Arthritis makes cooking difficult.  Many medications reduce appetite making food unappealing.  One study found that 30% of seniors skip one meal a day, while another revealed that 16% of seniors eat less than 1,000 calories a day.  This is insufficient to maintain adequate nutrition.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 10:42 AM, 05.14.2015

Entrepreneurs’ Rights and Discrimination

The passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act has raised questions about the right of business owners to practice their religion and their obligation not to discriminate against any customer.

The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act provides that a state or local government action may not substantially burden a person's right to the exercise of religion. The key here is the definition of substantial burden.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:40 PM, 05.09.2015

Rep. Baker Applauds Passage of Biennial Budget

State Representative Nan Baker (R-Westlake) applauded the House passage of Amended Substitute House Bill 64 (Am. Sub. H.B. 64), the biennial state budget bill that allocates funding to schools, community projects and government initiatives, as well as providing significant tax relief to all Ohioans and small businesses in the state.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:40 PM, 05.09.2015

Tri-C Honor Society Wins National Honors

The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter at the Westshore Campus of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) in Westlake was recognized with multiple awards at the 2015 PTK annual convention. The national recognition follows the chapter winning 10 awards at the PTK regional convention in March.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 10:43 AM, 05.14.2015

Steuben: An American Icon

Two French blue Steuben finger bowls with applied threading and a modern crystal Steuben decanter are beautiful examples of Steuben's wares.

Today, given instant gratification and carefree living, the demand for some products such as table top items - china, crystal, and silver flatware - to create gorgeous dining tables has fallen. Disposable, inexpensive and microwave-safe seem to be key words to an audience that has grown sharply over the past two decades. With this shift, we have lost some fine workshops here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

Steuben, an American glass factory, is one such company that created handmade fabulous stemware, accessories and other blown glass items. Thanks to antique stores and estate sales, we can continue to purchase Steuben and continue to be enamored by its beauty.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:44 PM, 05.09.2015

The Rockport Foodie: The Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom knows how to stuff a mushroom deliciously!

With such deep tradition and customer loyalty, it is always interesting when a trendy new pizza joint opens. The Mellow Mushroom opened recently to much fanfare from my social network friends who live in other areas. It offers salads, hoagies, specialized pizzas and calzones, gluten-free crusts, and a variety of healthy and vegetarian options.

My friend and I went for lunch to the new Mellow Mushroom on Detroit Road. Upon entering, I noticed the colorful walls and rock & roll décor.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:37 PM, 05.09.2015

The Proper Apology

I recently received an apology that I found upsetting. I realize that we are introduced to the apology at a very young age.  However, somewhere along the way, I think the true purpose of an apology has been forgotten.

An apology should restore faith and trust.  It is an acknowledgement that someone has made a mistake and regrets it.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 3:38 PM, 05.09.2015

Tales of Rocky River

"Incidents & Episodes, Tales of Rocky River and Rockport Township, Ohio" by George A. Christensen is the latest publication sponsored by the Rocky River Historical Society. The book is a collection of 180 true stories about the 1800s and early 1900s in Rocky River and the former Rockport Township and the surrounding area.

In 290 pages and 200 photos, "Incidents & Episodes" tells the stories of the bridges over the Rocky River, Scenic Park, the hog cholera epidemic of the mid-1800s, Metropolitan Park, the Rocky River Police Department, early businesses such as Candyland and Ingersoll’s Hardware Store, and schools, among others.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 10:45 AM, 05.14.2015

Fairview Park Branch Library Happenings

May 11 at 7:00 p.m.  Join us and enjoy an informational program celebrating Frank Sinatra’s Music: The Prime Years. During the 1953-1993 period, Sinatra signed with Capitol Records and achieved artistic heights with arrangers Nelson Riddle, Billy May and Big Band leaders like Basie and Ellington.  Registration required.

May 12 at 7:00 p.m.  Sara Hume, Assistant Professor and Curator at Kent State University Museum, will present Fashions of Downton Abbey. She will discuss women’s clothing during the fascinating time depicted in the series Downton Abbey.  Sponsored by The Friends of the Fairview Park Branch Library. Registration required.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 10:49 AM, 05.14.2015

Upcoming Programs and Events at RRPL

Go Organic: Lawncare And Landscaping will be presented by Dan Norris on May 21 at 7:00 p.m.  

May 2 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Celebrate Free Comic Book Day in the Teen Room at the Library! Fans of all ages can get a free comic book while supplies last. Stop by the Teen Room in the afternoon for crafts using recycled comic books. Family friendly.  

May 5 at 7:00 p.m.  Join us for Writing the College Essay – Making Yourself Stand Out. The college essay is an important part of the college application process. Learn what you need to include in this essay and why it is different than the types of essays you usually write for your high school English class. This program is ideal for sophomores and juniors and their parents, but all are welcome. Grades 9 and up. Registration required.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 10:47 AM, 05.14.2015

Storewide Sale at The Ritzy Chic

Pick up something for spring that will make you smile! 

For the month of April, The Ritzy Chic Resale Shoppe is having a storewide 75% off sale.

This sale includes items such as furniture, glassware, collectibles, vintage, retro, nearly new clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. The sale also includes pictures, paintings, lamps, kitchenware, metal and pewter items and more!

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 10:35 AM, 03.31.2015

Local Author's Book on Kindle

"Searching for Sebastian", a new short novel by Edward Staskus, has recently been published on Amazon’s Kindle Books. Based on extensive interviews with the 2011 freshman class of St. Edward’s High School in Lakewood, the novel is a comic and dystopian coming-of-age story. 

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 2:55 PM, 04.23.2015

Alternative Solutions to Joint Pain

A few months ago, I wrote an article on arthritis. Given the great turnout at our arthritis workshop, I thought I would elaborate a bit more on the topic. Millions of Americans suffer with joint pain. It is one of the top five reasons for doctor’s visits in the U.S.

Please join us on April 29 at 7:15 p.m. at Panera Bread in Rocky River as we take an in-depth look at the causes of joint pain, inflammation and arthritis and what alternatives are available to help alleviate the pain and suffering. Please call 440-331-4744 to reserve a space.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:04 PM, 03.31.2015

The Hooley on Kamm’s Corners™ Returns

Join the crowd at The Hooley on Kamm's Corners™ 

On Saturday, May 9, West Park's annual homecoming celebration will feature great food, live music, children's shows and activities, Irish dancers, pipes and drums, fine art, and more!

The 6th Annual Hooley on Kamm's Corners™ takes place from noon to 8:00 p.m. Lorain Avenue will be closed for the festival between Rocky River Drive and West 165 Street. Show up to eat, drink, mingle, and enjoy! Once again, the event is free of charge.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 3:52 PM, 03.31.2015

Rotary Foundation Offers Four Grants

The Lakewood/Rocky River Rotary Foundation is offering grants for study in any accredited post-high school educational institution. Four grants of $2,500 will be awarded toward the cost of one year’s tuition.

Applications must be received by 3 p.m., Monday, April 13. The awards will be presented on June 8.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:06 PM, 03.31.2015

Volunteers Needed for PGA Tour Event in Westlake

Want to rub shoulders with some of the best golfers on the planet? Want to help ensure that a PGA-sponsored tour event in Westlake runs smoothly? Volunteer to help out at the upcoming Rust-Oleum Championship golf tournament, set for June 8-14, at the beautiful Lakewood Country Club in Westlake. Volunteers are needed for course marshals, security, scoring, admissions, on-course services, clubhouse services, volunteer services, and to assist the Golf Channel. 

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:07 PM, 03.31.2015

Cahoon in June Seeking Vendors

Strollers enjoying the crafts at last year's event.

The 46th annual Cahoon in June fine crafts, collectibles and antiques event is seeking vendors to fill Cahoon Memorial Park on June 13 and help make this the biggest and best event in its history. The yearly festival of art, music, food and fun attracts more than 1,500 visitors. Admission to the show, which takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and parking are free. Vendor spaces are very affordably priced.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:10 PM, 03.31.2015

Let Your Inner Artist Grow at Beck Center!

It’s finally time to think spring (and summer!) so let your creativity grow with a class or workshop at Beck Center for the Arts. Whether you are interested in one-day music or pendant-making workshops, or an eight-week visual arts class, our dedicated faculty looks forward to getting creative with you.

First in line of our new music workshops is Rhythm Jams with Dave Brewer. Held on Saturdays, March 14, April 18, and May 9 (save $5 when you sign up for all three), this opportunity is open to drummers, percussionists, and hand drummers who want to explore the connection between rhythm and other art forms.

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 10:20 AM, 03.04.2015

Three Arts Club Scholarship Program

The Three Arts Club of Lakewood was founded in 1919 to further interest and enjoyment in the arts and to provide awards for deserving students pursuing advanced studies in music.

To request an application form, please email the Completed applications and a letter of reference must be received no later than April 27. 

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 10:24 AM, 03.04.2015

Just-A-Buck Stores: Save & Do Good

All items are just a buck!

Just-A-Buck, a cheerful dollar store located in the River Plaza on Center Ridge Road, allows shoppers to save money while contributing to social good. The store is one of three in Northeast Ohio owned and operated by Solutions at Work, Inc. (SAW), the non-profit partner of the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. SAW is one of the largest employers of adults with developmental disabilities in Northeast Ohio.

The Rocky River store opened in 2013, preceded by stores in Parma and South Euclid. Stores are staffed entirely by adults with developmental disabilities (except for managers).

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:17 PM, 03.31.2015

Welcome Spring with a New Vision for Your Home

Open any home magazine and you will see vintage and antique pieces in photos of high-end homes as well as more cost-conscious homes. Readers of The Rockport Observer may differ in aesthetics and lifestyles, but that is the cool thing about antiques. There is something for everyone - from simple lines to heavily carved ornate cabinets. Today’s trend or the direction of consumers’ purchases can be summarized easily:  clean lines, practical décor and fewer pieces.



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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:19 PM, 03.31.2015

RiverSouth Townhomes Selling Out Fast


Sales and construction at RiverSouth are moving along rapidly with over 12 residents already committed to a home. Three buildings are already under construction and two are under roof with the first resident planning to take occupancy in the next 90 days. Like other Brickhaus communities, the townhomes at RiverSouth are eco-friendly, dramatically designed, and have incredible views. In addition, they utilize the finest materials and feature the Brickhaus exclusive design of “clear span construction” that enables each homeowner to custom design their floor plan to fit their specific lifestyle.



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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:21 PM, 03.31.2015

Zoning Meeting of 10 Years Ago Still Fair Game

Fairview Park residents, especially those near the former Coffinberry Elementary School, are getting involved in the planning of a new home development going in possibly later this year or early next year. Some news articles in the West Life and Sun Herald have been keeping people up to date, which is great. This is an extremely important issue for people in our area.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 2:56 PM, 04.23.2015

New Epilepsy Unit at Fairview Hospital

Ready, set...the new EMU unit at Fairview Hospital is officially opened.

Cleveland Clinic’s Fairview Hospital has opened a new four-bed adult epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) to deliver state-of- the-art evaluation, diagnosis and monitoring of patients with epilepsy.

As an expansion of the Epilepsy Center located on Cleveland Clinic’s main campus, the facility features the latest technology of all-digital video EEG equipment. Operating around the clock, the unit is staffed by a team of nurses and EEG technologists specializing in epilepsy and backed by the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center’s large team of epileptologists.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:22 PM, 03.31.2015

Volunteers Makes a Meaningful Impact

Nominees for Volunteer of the Year Dottie O'Neill, Nancy Talbert, Nancy Schneider, Ted Kibbey, Rosanne Gavin, Kitty Stafford, and Pat Hendy.

The Rocky River Senior Center honored over 130 volunteers in a Hollywood-style Gala complete with red carpet, paparazzi, and screaming fans in late February. Volunteers were treated to a catered dinner with entertainment and dancing.

After the walk on the red carpet, volunteers enjoyed an Oscar Awards movie presentation featuring, of course, the volunteers.  Excitement mounted as volunteers were recognized for their service and, can we have the envelope please – Nancy Schneider was named Volunteer of the Year!

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:23 PM, 03.31.2015

Rocky River Tri-C Student Named to All-Ohio Academic Team

Congratulations, Nigmeh Abusbeih-Salti!

Nigmeh Abusbeih-Salti of Rocky River was one of seven students from Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) named to the All-Ohio Community College Academic Team, which comprises top students at the state’s two-year schools. 

Tri-C had more students named All-Ohio than any other school. “The All-Ohio results are indicative of Tri-C’s focus on academic excellence and the caliber of students that walk through our doors,” said Craig Foltin, the College’s interim executive vice president of academic and learning success.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:26 PM, 03.31.2015

Rotary Honors Outstanding Career-Tech Students

West Shore students who were honored and Todd Lessig (far right), Rotary club president.

West Shore Career-Technical District Outstanding Student Award recipients were honored by the Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River at its noon luncheon in March at the Don Umerley Civic Center.

The 16 students - top performers in their career-technical programs - were chosen for their exemplary accomplishments in the classroom, school activities, clubs, athletics and service in the community. Each student exemplifies traits of leadership, dedication, responsibility, caring, community involvement, and initiative.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:27 PM, 03.31.2015

Magnificat's Annual Endowment Gala

Magnificat Award Recipients Mrs. Pat, and Mr. Bill Reichard, with Sister Helen Jean Novy, H.M., Interim President of Magnificat(in center).

Thanks to Magnificat alumnae, parents and friends who joined together in support of the students of Magnificat, the school's 26th Annual Endowment Gala raised over $225,000! It was a spectacular evening under the dazzling lights of the State Theatre at PlayhouseSquare.

Special congratulations to Rocky River residents, Pat and Bill Reichard, who were honored that evening with the school's Magnificat Award.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:35 PM, 03.31.2015

Rotary Foundation Awards $51,000 in Grants

Nearly $51,000 in grants from the Lakewood-Rocky River Rotary Foundation will be used to provide scholarships, recognize student achievement, purchase dictionaries for third graders, and help fund worthy programs by community organizations.

The awards focused on three main areas – community health and wellness, food and nutrition, and programs that encourage and foster youth leadership.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:24 PM, 03.31.2015

Share the Joy of Spring

Spring is just around the corner.  It has been a difficult winter, but crazy winters allow us to appreciate beautiful springs even more.  Use the new season as an opportunity to spread some old-fashioned kindness.  I think the continued extreme cold weather has put many of us in a funk.  The cold and gray can do this. However, as you start peeling off the depression and feeling renewed, spread the joy. 

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 2:56 PM, 04.23.2015

Introducing the Rockport Foodie

River Dog Café

The goal of any restaurant critic should be to offer a relatively educated opinion about a dining experience to the public. In the day and age of smart phones, Yelp, food blogs, and online magazines, getting someone’s two cents isn’t necessarily even that valuable. One of the things that is missing in most critiques is context.

Recently, I walked into a local spot known for creative hot dogs and sandwiches. It also offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and (my favorite) online ordering for takeout. Some of the local “Best of’s” were just published and River Dog Café won in one category and was a contender in some others.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:41 PM, 03.31.2015